Student Profile: Regina (Reggie) Peters

Reggie Peters

Reggie Peters

Reggie Peters, Communication and Women’s Studies double major, has a real passion for people and loves the community of Milwaukee. Reggie is graduating in May 2016, which she finds both exciting and terrifying! However, she feels fortunate that UWM is located in the heart of the city; we’re surrounded by job and community opportunities that most schools do not have.

Originally from Delafield, Wisconsin, Reggie attended University of Minnesota–Twin Cities for her first year of college. Only a few months in, she knew the campus was too big for her and she choose to come back home and attend UWM, it’s the perfect balance of city life while still allowing her to be close to her family and hometown. Reggie explained that she loves Milwaukee because of how small and accessible the city feels, while still being in the middle of an urban environment. She loves how each neighborhood in Milwaukee has a different vibe, but still that quintessential Milwaukee feel. Throughout her time at UWM, she really feels connected to the East Side. She loves the eclectic feel and how the college kids are able to blend into the community, instead of being isolated on campus.

Reggie is majoring in Communication because she has a passion for people and she’s able to apply her degree to a wide range of career opportunities. Reggie has found that all of the faculty she has worked with are very passionate about UWM and want students to succeed. In particular, she found Evelyn Ang’s mediation and negotiation course to be fascinating and a topic that can be applied to every aspect of her life. For Reggie, Evelyn’s teaching style was influential because it encouraged students to use their own experiences to learn and grow in the classroom. Reggie also explained that her Women’s Studies degree has influence the rest of her work by teaching her to approach things with a feminist perspective.

Reggie hopes to use her Communication degree to pursue a career in radio, and she’s currently an intern in the morning newsroom at WTMJ 620, Milwaukee’s local news radio station. During her time at the internship, Reggie is responsible for doing phone interviews related to news stories. She also helps write portions of newscasts and spends some time conducting interviews in the community. The other portion of her internship involves the digital news, and she writes content that goes on the website. Most of all, her internship involves a lot of writing and talking with people; which are two of her favorite things!

After graduation, Reggie hopes to continue working in radio and building her career. In the future, she would like to go to graduate school, possibly for mediation or human resources. She loves that her degree in Communication opens many doors for her, and it teaches a broad range of skills that are applicable to many different jobs.

For now, Reggie is enjoying her time interning and finishing up her last semester at UWM. Besides being busy at her internship, you can find Reggie road tripping to a state park in Wisconsin. She explained, “It’s a rush to be able to set off in a general direction without a map and seeing what there is to discover!”

By Marissa Trgo, UWM Communication Major