Doctoral student, Marnie Lawler McDonough, published in the March 2018 edition of Communication Quarterly

Doctoral student, Marnie Lawler McDonough, was recently published in the March 2018 edition of the Communication Quarterly. The article, titled “The Evolution of Demagoguery: An Updated Understanding of Demagogic Rhetoric as Interactive and Ongoing”, discusses the use and study of demagogic rhetoric in the 2016 presidential election cycle and argues for the expansion of study on the topic of demagoguery. … Continue Reading »

Student Profile: Jordan Kellogg

You’ve probably seen Jordan Kellogg around, giving campus tours. Born in La Crosse, Jordan knew he wanted to be in a big city. Originally planning to major in business, Jordan decided that the classes were not for him, but he still wanted to be involved with business. Jordan observed that communication is the number one thing many employers look for in an applicant,… Continue Reading »

Student Profile: Gabriel Wray

Twenty-year-old Gabriel Wray is an impressive senior at UW-Milwaukee. Born in West Bend, Wisconsin, he decided to pursue a degree at UWM because of the combination of a large city and small community. It was the reputation of the esteemed programs and dedication to students that finalized his decision.… Continue Reading »