Student Profile: Jordan Kellogg

You’ve probably seen Jordan Kellogg around, giving campus tours. Born in La Crosse, Jordan knew he wanted to be in a big city. He grew up in Stevens Point, but always felt a connection to Milwaukee. Jordan has worked as a Campus Ambassador in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for the past two years, introducing UWM and Milwaukee to incoming freshmen. Additionally, he worked for the Student Success Center and was Orientation Leader for the New Student Orientation (NSO) program on campus.

Jordan Kellogg

Jordan’s attraction to Milwaukee stemmed from the desire to live in a fast-paced environment; he felt like it was a perfect fit for him. He also appreciates UW-Milwaukee’s diversity and inclusion. Jordan enjoys talking to people from different backgrounds, and feels that he has made a lot of connections with people on our campus: “It’s a big city, a lot of young talent, there is always something to do here. Coming from central Wisconsin, this was a big change that I embraced as soon as I got here.”

Jordan wasn’t always in the communication field; in fact, he was originally planning to major in business here at UWM. After further research, Jordan decided that the classes were not for him, but he still wanted to be involved with business. Jordan observed that “communication is the number one thing many employers look for in an applicant, and I felt communication gave me a broad range of career paths.” This realization led him into his transition to the communication department.

When asked about his favorite professors, Jordan mentioned Andy Cuneo, a Communication lecturer. He enjoys his conversations with Andy, especially because they both are huge fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Jordan also mentioned another favorite, Lindsay Timmerman, an Associate Professor and the director of undergraduate studies in Communication department. Jordan said that Lindsay’s personality and enthusiasm were the reasons why he looked forward to her classes.

Jordan is part of music groups based out of Chicago and Milwaukee. His group in Milwaukee is finishing an open studio for other local artists, and they are developing their own web series. Jordan contributes to the team by DJing, developing the web series, and planning for their new podcast.

After graduation, Jordan would like to work in higher education. He’s hoping to get a job working in the admissions office. Jordan also is involved with music and believes that a communication degree is easily transferable in the music industry.

Jordan is happy with his choice to study communication at UWM. He will be entering his senior year this fall and feels prepared to go into any field upon graduating. We look forward to seeing you grow with your background in communication, Jordan!

By Jumana Al-Juma