Erin Sahlstein Parcell

Professor, Department Chair
 Johnston Hall 237


PhD, Communication Studies, University of Iowa
MA, Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
BA, Speech Communication, Iowa State University

Research Interests

My research currently centers on communication within and about interpersonal and family relationships. A primary area of my work focuses on long-distance relationships, including college dating couples and deployed military marriages/families. I most often employ qualitative methods for my research (e.g., in-depth interviews) but have participated in several meta-analyses and survey design studies. A secondary area for my work focuses on gun violence in southeastern Wisconsin, in particular the stories community members share about their experiences. I am on an interdisciplinary team seeking to address this issue by, in part, helping to elevate the voices of gun violence survivors via our living archive. I encourage students, both graduate and undergraduate, as well as community members to contact me if they are interested in participating in my existing projects or to start new ones.

Courses Taught

Graduate:                                                                                                                                                              Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
Marital & Family Communication
Qualitative Research in Communication
Advanced Qualitative Methods in Communication: Interviewing

Undergraduate:                                                                                                                                        Introduction to Interpersonal Communication                                                                                              Communication in Human Conflict                                                                                                                  Communication in Marital & Family Relationships
Qualitative Research in Communication

Selected Publications

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