Due to Covid-19, CIE’s main office is physically closed. However, you can still email us at isss@uwm.edu or call us at (414) 229-4846 and we will gladly assist you.

CIE’s International Student and Scholar Services office provides visa services and immigration status advising for UWM’s community of international students, visiting scholars, foreign national employees, and academic departments. International Student and Scholar Services also serves the campus through International Admissions for UWM’s academic degrees and non-degree programs.

Whether you are an international student, a visiting scholar/researcher, or a foreign national faculty member, we will use our immigration, visa and admissions expertise to support your success at UWM!

UWM is an institution with global impact that deeply values its diversity and the contributions of all immigrant and international students, faculty and staff members and UWM’s policies demonstrate commitment to our community of internationals.

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Updates for Current Students

December 11

Many of you have been waiting for the new guidance regarding F1 visa status maintenance requirements for spring 2021We are still waiting for an official announcement from SEVP regarding F1 visa status maintenance requirements for the spring 2021 term.  

Our best assumption is, as the media is widely reporting, that the fall 2020 guidance will be continued through the spring 2021 semester. We have outlined below what this would mean for you. 

Information for students with an Active F-1 record who were in their current Active F-1 status as of March 2020: 

  1. Students enrolling full-time in spring 2021: 
  • In-person enrollment is not required 
  • Presence in the U.S. is not required 
  • Maintaining full-time enrollment is required 
  1. Students enrolling less than full-time in spring 2021 requiring Less Than Full-Time Authorization: 
  • Less than full-time enrollment may be authorized for the following students: 
  • Students graduating in spring 2021 or  
  • Students with medical consent; students with medical concerns must make an appointment with an Immigration Coordinator 
  • Authorization should be completed prior to January 25, 2021 
  • Presence in the U.S. may not be required 
  1. Students enrolling less than full time in spring 2021 without less than full-time authorization: 

Information for students who were not in their current Active F-1 status in March 2020: 

  1. Students who began their current Active F-1 record fall 2020 or will begin spring 2021: 
  • In-person enrollment for spring 2021 is required 
  • Presence in the U.S. is required 
  • Maintaining full-time enrollment is required 

We will continue to update the ISSS Updates for Current Students website with the most updated information. You can email any questions to isss@uwm.edu or make a phone or virtual appointment with an Immigration Coordinator by calling 414-229-4846. 


Updates for Admitted Students

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