Chancellor Mone Statement on Racist Homophobic Video

I am aware of videos circulating on social media in which a UW-Milwaukee student uses racist and homophobic language. The comments and behaviors within the video are deeply offensive, hurtful and 100% contrary to our guiding values of diversity and mutual respect and safety. UWM vehemently condemns the use of racist and anti-gay slurs.

I hear the hurt, outrage and concerns experienced by students, employees and from community members, and we are responding swiftly.

UWM is committed to safe, welcoming, and inclusive campuses, and this includes support for anyone affected by racism and homophobia. UWM offers several support services including:

I am extremely dismayed seeing this behavior. It is negating the otherwise positive energy and enthusiasm that is occurring on our campuses. We have worked hard to get here and want to build a culture of care, respect and safety in all ways. Please help us by doubling efforts to create a welcoming environment for students and all in our campus communities.