Student Success

At UWM, students are our top priority, focusing on retention, graduation, student life, and quality of educational experience.

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Research Excellence

There is nearly $60 million spent on research at UWM. We are building on this through collaborative, inter-disciplinary grant activity and partnering.

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Community Engagement

UWM has a strong proven track record in the community, with 125 different organizational partnerships and as a 2015 recipient of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching classification.

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Visibility, Image and Brand

All of us—faculty and staff, students, alumni, friends, donors,—are telling our stories of UWM to build awareness and case for support in current environment of de-funding public higher education.

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Culture and Climate

At UWM, we are only as strong as our talent foundation. Everything we doas faculty and staff has a transformative ripple effect on our students and the region.

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