Innovative Weather

Innovative Weather gives students hands-on experience in operational meteorology and helps to develop their professional skillset through providing weather-related risk assessments and decision-support to public- and private-sector partners such as We Energies, MMSD, Summerfest, and the Milwaukee City and County Depts. of Public Works, among others. Innovative Weather paid internships are open to Atmospheric Science undergraduates at all levels of study, particularly juniors and seniors, and internship applications are typically accepted in the fall and spring. For more information, please visit the Innovative Weather internships page.

Undergraduate Research

Our program also offers undergraduate research opportunities! In recent years, undergraduate students have conducted research to improve the representation of clouds in climate models, develop prediction models for wind gusts and lightning, and improve understanding of tropical cyclone evolution at higher latitudes, to name a few examples. Students typically begin with informal or for-credit internships, advancing to paid internships as the research continues. Interested students are encouraged to directly contact the faculty member or members with whom they are interested in conducting research. Depending on the project, you could become involved as early as your freshman year!

Off-Campus Internships

Students can also participate in off-campus internships! In recent years, our students have participated in Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs at federal labs and other universities, interned with broadcast meteorologists in the Milwaukee market, and volunteered with the local National Weather Service forecast office. Please contact the Program Chair to learn more about these opportunities. Current students are also encouraged to review the weekly Freshwater Opportunities newsletter for information on other local- and state-level internships.