Small Chamber Ensemble Performance
Small Chamber Ensembles Performance

Chamber Ensembles

Collaborative music making through chamber ensembles is one of the most versatile and rewarding performance opportunities at UWM. From larger chamber ensembles such as Percussion Ensemble and Saxophone Choir to smaller ensembles like string trios and brass quintets, UWM offers a diverse array of chamber music experiences. Chamber music is a degree requirement for many music majors, and UWM has chamber music groups for all levels of students from music minors to graduate students.

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Early Music Ensemble

The UWM Early Music Ensemble is a chamber group in which students explore European repertoire from the Middle Ages to the Baroque through playing and singing in an informal and fun environment. Students can learn a new instrument from UWM’s early instrument collection, which includes recorders of all sizes, viols of all sizes, early double reed instruments, early flutes, Renaissance lute, cornetto, vielle, organ, early percussion, and more. Students can also explore this music on their own instruments, combining their existing skills with new ones, such as reading from historical notation, improvising ornaments and other elaborations, and accompanying vocal and ensemble music from basso continuo parts. 

Auditions & Membership

Open to all UWM students. Non-Majors accepted with consent of instructor and/or informal audition.

Flute Ensemble

The UWM Flute Ensemble features works from 2 to 18 players, and provides an engaging and enriching opportunity for collaborative music making. Ensemble members play all instruments from piccolo to bass flute, and perform works across all time periods. The group strives to perform and present repertoire in exciting new ways, and to highlight the versatility and popularity of the instrument.

Auditions & Membership

Open to undergraduate and graduate music majors and minors.

Guitar Ensemble

The UWM Guitar Ensemble features different formats from guitar duos, trios, and quartets to full guitar orchestra. This ensemble offers guitarists the essential and practical skills to play well with others in any ensemble situation and is intended to present students with a broad survey of musical styles as they relate to the guitar. Repertoire from all over the world and from a broad span of musical history will be explored. Rehearsal and ensemble techniques, such as being present and aware of your conductor and fellow musicians, non-verbal communication, and researching repertoire, will be stressed in order to produce the best possible performance at the end of the term.

Auditions & Membership

Open to undergraduate and graduate music majors and minors.

New Music Ensemble

New Music Ensemble is a unique take on the traditional ensemble. It is made up of Music Department students collaborating outside of the typical parameters of the large ensembles model. Students are guided by faculty who serve as coaches to help facilitate repertoire choice based on student involvement and programming needs. Music faculty members coach New Music Ensembles as a collective venture.

Auditions & Membership

Open to undergraduate and graduate music majors and minors.

Saxophone Ensemble

The UW-Milwaukee Saxophone Ensemble consists of undergraduate and graduate music majors, minors, and non-majors. Founded in 2018, this ensemble combines high-level musicianship with unique arrangements to create a fun and enriching concert experience. The group aims to promote the popularity of the saxophone through innovative, diverse, and versatile programming and performing. 

From sopranino all the way down to bass saxophone, students engage in activities both on and off campus each semester.

Auditions & Membership

Open to all UWM students.

Small Chamber Ensembles

In addition to the groups listed above, other chamber ensembles are formed as needed to satisfy enrollment requests.  Examples of small ensembles may include piano trios, string quartets, saxophone quartets, brass quintets, and woodwind quintets.

Auditions & Membership

Open to undergraduate and graduate music majors and minors.

Music Programs

Music studios are connected to a variety of academic programs, including majors, minors, certificates and graduate programs. This is a full list of programs offered by the Department of Music.


Which faculty you have within this program is dependent upon your chosen courses or interests. For a list of all Music faculty and staff please follow the link below.

Elena Abend Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty IV, Piano
  • Area Head, Piano
  • Chamber Music Coach
David Bayles Headshot
  • Lecturer, Drum Set
  • Director, Jazz Combos & Ensembles, Afro-Caribbean Orchestra
  • Chamber Music Coach
Jennifer Clippert Headshot
  • Associate Professor, Flute
  • Area Head, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion
  • Director, Graduate Studies & Flute Ensemble
  • Chamber Music Coach
Greg Flint Headshot
  • Associate Professor, Horn
  • Director, Horn Choir
  • Chamber Music Coach
Thomas Gamboa HEADSHOT
  • Assistant Professor, Instrumental Conducting
  • Director, University Bands, New Music Ensemble
Mark Hoelscher Headshot
  • Adjunct Professor, Trombone & Euphonium
  • Chamber Music Coach
Rene Izquierdo Headshot
  • Professor, Classical Guitar
  • Area Head, Guitar
  • Director, Guitar Ensemble
  • Chamber Music Coach
Stefan Kartman Headshot
  • Professor, Cello & String Pedagogy
  • Chamber Music Coordinator
Nicki Roman Headshot
  • Assistant Professor, Saxophone
  • Director, Saxophone Ensemble
  • Chamber Music Coach
Phillip Sink Headshot
  • Assistant Professor, Composition & Technology
  • Area Head, Composition & Technology
Tim Sterner Miller Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty III, Musicology & Ethnomusicology
  • Area Head, Music History & Literature
  • Director, Early Music Ensemble
Bernard Zinck HEADSHOT
  • Associate Professor, Violin
  • Area Head, Strings and String Pedagogy
  • Chamber Music Coach
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