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Elena Abend Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty IV, Piano
  • Area Head, Piano
  • Chamber Music Coach
Aaron Agulay HEADSHOT
  • Assistant Professor, Voice
  • Area Head, Voice & Opera
John Babbitt Headshot
  • Lecturer, Double Bass
Joshua Backes Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty I, Composition & Theory
Heidi Barker headshot
  • Lecturer, Violin and Viola, UWM String Academy
David Bayles Headshot
  • Lecturer, Drum Set
  • Director, Jazz Combos & Ensembles, Afro-Caribbean Orchestra
  • Chamber Music Coach
Peter  Billmann
  • Lecturer, Jazz Guitar
Johanna Brahm Headshot
  • Lecturer, Piano
Colleen Brooks Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty II, Voice & Opera Theatre
Elina Chekan Headshot
  • Lecturer, Classical Guitar
  • Director, Suzuki Guitar
Jennifer Clippert Headshot
  • Associate Professor, Flute
  • Area Head, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion
  • Director, Graduate Studies & Flute Ensemble
  • Chamber Music Coach
Scott Corley Headshot
  • Teaching Professor, Instrumental Music Education & Conducting
  • Associate Director, University Bands
  • Music Director/Conductor, Youth Wind Ensemble (UWAY)
Margery Deutsch Headshot
  • Professor Emerita, PSOA Music
  • Director, University Community Orchestra, University Community String Orchestra
Zack Durlam Headshot
  • Associate Professor, Choral Conducting
  • Director, Choral Activities, Concert Chorale, Kameraden
Sheila J Feay-Shaw HEADSHOT
  • Professor, Music Education
  • Area Head, Music Education
Greg Flint Headshot
  • Associate Professor, Horn
  • Director, Horn Choir
  • Chamber Music Coach
Jack Forbes Headshot
  • Lecturer, Musicology & Ethnomusicology
  • Faculty Member, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
  • Co-Director, University Community World Music Ensemble
Thomas Gamboa HEADSHOT
  • Assistant Professor, Instrumental Conducting
  • Director, University Bands, New Music Ensemble
Nathaniel Haering HEADSHOT
  • Lecturer, Composition & Technology, Music Theory
Kevin Hartman Headshot
  • Head of School, Peck School of the Arts
  • Professor, Trumpet
Mark Hoelscher Headshot
  • Adjunct Professor, Trombone & Euphonium
  • Chamber Music Coach
David Hoffman Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty II, Voice
  • Voice Liaison, Musical Theatre
Jamie Hofman Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty III, Violin and Viola
  • Director, UWM String Academy
David Hulbert HEADSHOT
  • Instrument Shop Manager and Piano Technician, Peck School of the Arts
Jennifer Hutton Headshot
  • Assistant Professor, Choral Music Education
  • Director, Bella Voce
Rene Izquierdo Headshot
  • Professor, Classical Guitar
  • Area Head, Guitar
  • Director, Guitar Ensemble
  • Chamber Music Coach
Stefan Kartman Headshot
  • Professor, Cello & String Pedagogy
  • Chamber Music Coordinator
Jun Kim Headshot
  • Associate Professor, Instrumental Conducting
  • Director, Orchestral Activities
Claudia Lasareff Mironoff Headshot
  • Adjunct Professor, Viola
Todd Levy Headshot
  • Adjunct Professor, Clarinet
  • Lecturer, Composition & Technology, Music Theory
Timothy Noonan Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty I, Musicology & Ethnomusicology
  • Advisor, Music Graduate Program
Peggy Otwell Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty I, Piano, Piano Pedagogy
Kayla Premeau Headshot
  • Programs Manager, Performing Arts
Gillian Rodger HEADSHOT
  • Professor, Musicology & Ethnomusicology
  • Chair, Department of Music
Nicki Roman Headshot
  • Assistant Professor, Saxophone
  • Director, Saxophone Ensemble
  • Chamber Music Coach
Wendy Rowe Headshot
  • Lecturer, Voice
  • Director, Popular Music Ensemble
Sherry Sinift HEADSHOT
  • Adjunct Professor, UWM String Academy
Phillip Sink Headshot
  • Assistant Professor, Composition & Technology
  • Area Head, Composition & Technology
Don Sipe Headshot
  • Adjunct Professor, Trumpet
Kay Speidel Headshot
  • Outreach Coordinator, Music
  • Dance Musician, Percussion
Tim Sterner Miller Headshot
  • Teaching Faculty III, Musicology & Ethnomusicology
  • Area Head, Music History & Literature
  • Director, Early Music Ensemble
Patricia  Stevenson
  • Senior Instrument Specialist
  • Piano Technician
Catherine Van Handel Headshot
  • Adjunct Professor, Bassoon
Rosemary Walzer Headshot
  • Director, Youth Jazz Ensemble
Philip Cruise Warren Headshot
  • Production Coordinator and Stage Electrician, Peck School of the Arts
Vanessa Weber HEADSHOT
  • Lecturer, Voice
Alex Wier Headshot
  • Assistant Professor, Percussion
  • Area Head, Percussion
  • Director, Percussion Ensemble & Steel PANthers Steel Band
  • Co-Director, University Community World Music Ensemble
John Woger Headshot
  • Associate Conductor/Co-Director, Youth Wind Ensemble (UWAY)
Irina Yanovskaya Headshot
  • Music Coach, Suzuki Guitar
Katherine Young Steele Headshot
  • Adjunct Professor, Oboe
Bernard Zinck HEADSHOT
  • Associate Professor, Violin
  • Area Head, Strings and String Pedagogy
  • Chamber Music Coach