Phillip Sink Headshot

Phillip Sink

  • Assistant Professor, Composition & Technology
  • Area Head, Composition & Technology


DM, Composition, Indiana University
MM, Composition, Michigan State University
MM, Music Theory Pedagogy, Michigan State University
BM, Music Composition/Theory, Appalachian State University
BM, Music Education, Appalachian State University


Phillip Sink composes vocal, instrumental, and audiovisual works for video and electronics. He seeks to combine the expressive power of timbre and texture with an eclectic approach to harmony and form, which is born from his interests in classical and popular music styles. His music embraces themes of social awareness, human experience, and science.

His recent projects include works for the Romex Duo, Tim Ledger, Khemia Ensemble, and the Fifth House Ensemble. 

Phillip is the recipient of many awards include the Hermitage Prize awarded by the Aspen Music Festival, the Best Music Submission Award at the 2015 International Computer Music Festival, and three Indiana University Dean’s Prizes for the best orchestral, chamber, and electronic music. He has presented many electroacoustic works at conferences such as the International Computer Music Conference; SEAMUS; Arts and Science Days, Bourges, France; DME Festival, Lisbon, Portugal; Diffrazioni Multimedia Festival, Florence, Italy; New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival; Electronic Music Midwest; Studio 300; TurnUp Festival; and the Electroacoustic Barn Dance.

Phillip received two bachelor’s degrees in Music Composition/Theory and Music Education from Appalachian State University and two master’s degrees in Music Composition and Music Theory Pedagogy from Michigan State University. Phillip earned a Doctorate of Music in Music Composition at the Jacobs School of Music. He previously held positions at the University of Missouri as a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Northern Illinois University as an Assistant Professor.

He is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he serves as the head of the Composition and Technology Area.