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MA/MFA in Studio Art

The specialization in Studio Art is interdisciplinary, students can focus in one specific area of focus or expand into other areas of research. Students choosing a specific focus area may still take courses across studio disciplines, but “InterMedia” is intended to be an integrated focus that combines two or more broad disciplines, including:

  • Art & Social Engagement
  • Ceramics
  • Digital Fabrication and Design
  • Digital Studio Practice
  • Fibers
  • InterMedia (integrated/mixed media and installation)
  • Jewelry & Metalsmithing
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Photography
  • Print & Narrative Forms
  • Sculpture

The program is structured to ensure a broad and balanced integration of media, processes and concerns allowing a rich combination of tradition and innovation. Engagement with disciplines outside of Art & Design and within the local, national, and international community is also encouraged, expected and supported. The hallmark of the department is its commitment to diverse ideas and approaches to art that foster an experimental attitude in keeping with contemporary art practice.

Matthew Lee used his experience in the harsh, unforgiving environment of Antarctica as the inspiration for his paintings and UWM Peck School of the Arts Master’s thesis.

MS in Art Education

As art communities continually evolve to respond to societal changes, it is essential that art educators and artists remain at the forefront of innovative ideas, while developing educational processes and research methodologies that engage students and audiences in diverse intellectual, cultural, and social pursuits in the arts. This program encourages interdisciplinary activity and exploratory models of research that link practice with theory through coursework, cultural resources and partnerships in communities, grant-supported research initiatives, and a visiting artist and scholars program.

Since its founding, this program has been a pioneer in producing applied research and collaborating with urban communities. Our faculty believe that a more diverse student body enhances the quality of our education, research, and scholarship. Students are prepared to thrive within 21st century educational environments, including school and community settings; contribute divergent insights; and take on leadership roles in the field.

MA in Design Entrepreneurship + Innovation

The specialization in Design Entrepreneurship + Innovation integrates design thinking, innovation, theory, and contemporary practice to develop design solutions that affect positive social, economic, and technological change.

The DEI specialization is not currently accepting applications.



Specific degree information can be found on the UWM Graduate School website along with advising, courses/credit, and transfer information.

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Andrea Skyberg

MFA Fibers | 2007

Andrea creates award-winning children's books, sometimes with tape, sometimes with a needle and thread, and sometimes by engraving metal.


Art Museums & Galleries
Exhibit Design/Preparation
Exhibiting Artist
Public Relations
Travel/Tour Guides
Visiting Artist

Art Sales
Art Agent/Consultant
Art Dealer
Art Manufacturer Sales
Art Sales
Corporate Curator

Design & Visual Communication
Digital Photo Editor
Graphic Designer
Multimedia Design
Product Design
Web Design

Arts Administration
Art Councils
Art Libraries
Community Centers
Public & Private Schools
Public Policy

Art Criticism
Art Journalism


Dedicated Art & Design Graduate Faculty

profile photoKim Beckmannkbeckman@uwm.eduArt 430B

Associate Professor, Design & Visual Communication

profile photoAdream Blairblaira@uwm.eduArt 430B

Co-Area Head, Design & Visual Communication

Associate Professor, Design & Visual Communication

Associate Professor, Digital Fabrication & Design

profile photoKyoung Ae Cho(414) 229-4244cho@uwm.eduArt 478B

Area Head, Fibers

Professor, Fibers

profile photoKim Cosier(414) 229 -4258kcosier@uwm.eduArt 291

Professor, Art Education

profile photoChristopher Davis-Benavides(414) 229-4250cdavisb@uwm.eduArt B30

Area Head, Ceramics

Professor, Ceramics

profile photoRobert Grame(414) 229-4258grame@uwm.eduArt 449

Associate Dean, Peck School of the Arts

Associate Professor, Design & Visual Communication

profile photoYevgeniya Kaganovichyk@uwm.eduArt 358

Area Head, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Professor, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

profile photoJessica S Meuninck Ganger(414) 229-3753meuninck@uwm.eduArt 319

Department Chair, Art & Design

Area Head, Print & Narrative Forms

Associate Professor, Print & Narrative Forms

profile photoLisa Molinelmoline@uwm.eduArt 417

Co-Area Head, Design & Visual Communication

Associate Professor, Design & Visual Communication

profile photoJoseph Mougelmougel@uwm.eduMitchell B84

Area Head, Photography & Imaging

Associate Professor, Photography & Imaging

profile photoNathaniel Sternsternn@uwm.edu

Associate Professor, Digital Studio Practice

Co-Director, Student Startup Challenge

Affiliated Faculty, Engineering

profile photoLeslie Vansen(414) 229-6199lvansen@uwm.eduMitchell 423

Area Head, Painting & Drawing

Professor, Painting & Drawing

profile photoGlenn Williams(414) 229-6862williagw@uwm.eduArt B31

Area Head, Digital Studio Practice

Area Head, Sculpture

Associate Professor, Sculpture

profile photoChristine Woywodwoywod@uwm.eduArt 135

Area Head, Art Education

Associate Professor, Art Education

Art & Design Faculty & Staff