Looking for a job where you can make a difference and have fun. Come work for PASS! PASS employs approximately 100 student employees every semester. Check out the list of open positions below and then go back to the employment tab to find the appropriate link to apply.

Why work for PASS? Here is what our employees say:

“PASS is a great resource for students, to get more familiar with class material, but also as tutors and SI leaders to learn important skills to use in college and beyond.” – PASS Social Sciences & Humanities SI Leader

“I will miss this position, thank you so much for the opportunity to do this! This job has honestly changed my life! My passion for school and learning started here.”– PASS Math/Science Tutor

Open Positions

We are currently looking for tutors for the following courses for Spring 2018:

Art 100

Biology 100-203

Business 210, 350 and 370

Criminal Justice 110

French 103-204 (must be able to tutor up to 204)

Geography 125, 215

Geo Science

Italian 103-204 (must be able to tutor up to 204)

Kinesiology 330

Linguistics 100, 350

Math 103, 105, 108, 211 (preference given to students who have successfully taken one of these courses)

Physics 107, 209, 210

Math Stats 215

Political Science 104

Spanish 103-204 (must be able to tutor up to 204)

Global Studies 101