Bella Biwer wins Berkeley Prize

UWM undergraduate Bella Biwer from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning is one of the winners of the 19th Annual International 2017 Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence.  Winners were announced on April 19th by Professor Raymond Lifchez, Chair… Read More

New Publication: Jonathan Lee is a co-author

Undergraduate student Jonathan Lee is a coauthor on this article in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory: Kwapis, J.L., Jarome, T.J., Lee, J.L., Gilmartin, M.R. & Helmstetter, F.J. (2014) “Extinguishing Trace Fear Engages the Retrosplenial Cortex rather than the Amygdala.” Neurobiology of… Read More

New Publication: Student Lianna Hawi is co-author

Engineering senior Lianna Hawi contributed to Jahanian, Omid, Alyssa J. Schnorenberg, Lianna Hawi, and Brooke A. Slavens, “Upper Extremity Joint Dynamics and Electromyography (EMG) during Standard and Geared Manual Wheelchair Propulsion,” presented at American Society of Biomechanics 2015.  There is a… Read More

New Publication: Jonathan Lee is co-author

Fred Helmstetter (Psychology) sent over this recent publication that included undergraduate Jonathan Lee as a co-author: Kwapis, J.L., Jarome, T.J., Lee, J.L. & Helmstetter, F.J., “The Retrosplenial Cortex Is Involved in the Formation of Memory for Context and Trace Fear Conditioning…. Read More