How to Moisturize Hair during the Cold Weather Season

I guess for starters, knowing your hair type is important (super important). For my 4c hair especially it just doesn’t like the cold weather at all. It sheds especially when it’s dry. I also tend to braid my hair a lot during the cold season and braiding really helps my hair grow. I usually buy braiding sprays that help with sensitive scalps and I have one that has this mint effect. It’s called the Parnevu T-Tree braid spray (good price on amazon).

Wash days are the best days!!! I usually wash my hair twice with shampoo and once with conditioner. The brand that I’m currently using is called Maui Moisture. Specifically, the one I use has shea butter and it’s supposed to heal and hydrate for dry hair. But for the conditioner part, I usually like to deep condition my hair. So, I would apply my conditioner to my hair, leave it on for 10 minutes and put on a shower cap. Then I would rinse my hair and apply Argan oil.

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, helps combat dryness and softens the hair. It’s non-greasy and can also be used as a skin moisturizer as well. The brand that I currently like to use is the creme of nature brand. I usually like to get it from Sally’s Beauty.

Instead of argan oil, there are other oils that can work like coconut oil. It moisturizes hair strands, stimulates hair growth, adds shine and luster to hair, promotes scalp health and repairs damaged hair. It is rich in antioxidants, has antibacterial properties to improve scalp health. Wow I was looking through some articles on the web and I think I’m going to use coconut oil more often. I used to use this shampoo and conditioner set called Ogx nourishing milk that I used to get from Walgreens. It’s a great product but I wanted to try something with shea butter which is the reason why I switched to the brand that I’m using now. Speaking of shea butter, it can be a sealant to keep moisture and softness for curly and coarse hair. It also prevents hair breakage and reduces scalp irritation (oh that is wonderful). And my favorite thing about shea butter is the smell. Compared to organ oil and coconut oil, I really like the smell of shea butter for some reason.


A product that I have in mind when I think of “hair products that smell good” would be Cantu products! I sometimes use the shea butter leave in-conditioner when my hair is super dry and irritated. I also use the coconut oil and shine mist moisturizing spray for my scalp too. What I love about the Cantu line is that there are a variety of products that aim specifically for your hair needs. The Cantu brand is sold in a lot of stores and is really popular.

This is a new thing that I’ve started recently but I like to spray my hair with rosewater. Rosewater is known to really hydrate the hair and promotes hair growth, conditions hair, reduces scalp inflammation, gets rid of dandruff, reduces oiliness, reduces hair loss and also reduces product buildup on your scalp. Brands like Mario Badescu and Heritage Store Rosewater are good brands for a low price. You can find them online or in stores. Rosewater can also be used on the face as a face mist! So it’s like killing two birds with one stone.



Tea tree oil can help with itchiness and inflammation and is proven to have antimicrobial properties. It really helps to soothe the scalp and can help with people who have psoriasis. Tea tree oil is a common ingredient in most shampoos and conditioners. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree oil special shampoo is a good brand and it’s sold at Ulta beauty. The Hollywood Beauty tea tree oil is a brand that I use for my scalp and I got mine at Walmart for a low price. This is a nice product to have as well because it’s a travel sized bottle and you can take it on the go!


Jamaican Castor oil has moisturizing and antibacterial properties! It can also treat problems such as itchiness and dandruff. It can treat split ends, strengthens hair and eliminates dryness. I remember there was a time I really wanted to grow out my hair so that it can grow healthier and evenly and this product is good! I noticed great results in less than a month. The oil contains omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and is rich in vitamin E. This can also be used for acne, signs of aging, heal scars, treat infections and relieves muscle and joint pains.


Thankyou everyone for reading! There are probably thousands of products out there that I didn’t mention but the trick is if there is progress with the results that you want for your hair then it’s probably a good fit for you. Also YouTube is a great place to see what other people have said about the product! Also check out peer reviews from the web as well.