FAQ – Athletics

  • What is going to happen with the athletics programs at UWM at Waukesha and UWM at Washington County?

    Athletics at the branch campuses will use a “club sport” model starting in Fall 2018. Under the club sport proposal, these athletics programs will:

    • Be defined as “club sports” in all institutional documentation.
    • Differ from club sports at UWM in that they may have paid coaches and funding for WCC staff and operations.
    • Be funded with allocable segregated fees.
    • Be referred to as “college athletics” for marketing purposes.
    • Continue to function under the structure and direction of the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference (WCC).


  • Will I be able to go to Pantherfest and UWM basketball games?

    Yes, students in Waukesha and Washington County will be able to attend Pantherfest and UWM basketball games. These are two of the most popular events supported by UWM student segregated fees.