September 6, 2022

UC Chair Schwartz updated the committee on the most recent plans for the previously announced UW-System-wide “Free Speech” student survey, which will likely take place soon after the November election. The survey will randomly sample same-sized groups from each UW campus, which raises concerns about UW-Milwaukee students being under-represented.

Provost Gronert provided the following update: This year’s student enrollment has both positive and negative aspects. While UWM increased its first-year class size notably, it has also seen a reduction in retention of the previous year’s class. The overall result has been a reduction in enrollment of about 2% compared to last year. Gronert also stressed the need to work hard at improving student retention numbers (especially from the first to second year) going forward.

The UC addressed several matters: 1) Pertinent to a question from a committee member, it was clarified that preferential ballots for department chair need not be physical–they only need to be archived/preserved as records in whatever form they take; 2) Faculty nominations for the SFS and ZCPH Dean searches were completed (Schwartz will forward these to the Provost); and 3) Faculty nominees for the new Dismissal/Discipline Hearing Committee (DDHC) were selected.