September 6, 2016

As we welcome back students and colleagues for the start of the fall semester, the UC discussed a variety of topics this week. The chair’s report was brief and related that the Secretary of the University conducted a workshop on T&P procedures for department chairs last week. We spent the bulk of the meeting discussing two important issues: the strong desire for an overall vision for the campus, which will guide “strategic position control” and provide the campus community with a greater sense of purpose; and the newly announced “lump sum compensation adjustment.” The chair will ask questions to the campus administration to clarify whether the one-time “lump sum” could be taken as S&E instead of salary, as many faculty have little to no money to cover research travel costs. Some members of the UC also took issue with the way that the lump sums are calculated, as a percentage tied to salary, which benefits those on the top of the pay scale more than those at the bottom. The one-time lump sum is going to all Faculty, Academic Staff, and University Staff as long as they are “solid performers” and have been hired before July 1, 2015. It is also going to all, regardless of recent base salary increases, including administrators who have managed to receive raises in the last few years and faculty who have taken counteroffers. Next week we will be joined by the Chancellor.