October 8, 2019

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan met with Associate VC for Human Resources Tim Danielson. UW System has directed campuses to make mandatory changes guided by UWS Administrative Policy 1254. Changes will occur to policies governing evaluation of tenured and nontenured faculty, university staff, and academic staff. The changes must be completed by December 31st, 2019.

Chancellor Mark Mone and Chief of Staff Sue Weslow attended the meeting. The Joint Finance Committee met and determined that the budgetary allocation for UW System for the 2020-22 biennium would be divided evenly across both years. The focus is now shifting to budgeting for the 2021-23 biennium.

There was a study of access to family leave at UWM; results are currently being examined to identify weaknesses in current policies and how they can be improved for the future.

The Shared Services Model has been implemented across several schools and colleges; this will be put into effect in L&S in the future. S. Weslow said the new hub structure is working more efficiently than the decentralized approach it replaces.

The Chancellor is developing a think tank/work group (2030 Think Tank) charged with examining strategic planning and direction five and 10 years out from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. Work group membership will be finalized in the next two weeks. A retreat of this work group will be held in January. UC was asked to brainstorm desirable qualities of 2030 Think Tank members.

SARUP Interim Dean Nancy Frank attended. She is hoping to renew enthusiasm of faculty regarding participation in governance. She has also reconvened the school APBC, which had been dormant for a while, to assist with budgetary challenges in the school.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Working Group on Inappropriate Behaviors in UWM Facilities has submitted its final report to administration. The working group found that many policies and procedures were adequate, but were not easily located, and were not provided to all building chairs – especially new chairs. They have compiled the policies and recommend centralizing them and bolstering training of building chairs.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Rules Committee has suggested topics for Ray Cross’ visit.

UC Member Mark Schwartz reported that MORFS is ready for launch after the agreement with PROFS is signed.