November 29

The Provost attended today’s meeting, and discussed several issues, including creating a sense of belonging and inclusion for students on campus, short of sanctuary status. See the letter signed by chancellors and presidents across the country, including UWM Chancellor Mark Mone, in support of DACA. The UWM Post Tenure Review document should be on the Board of Regents agenda for their December 8th meeting. He also mentioned three issues related to the budget: Madison’s drop in ranking shows what happens when the flagship isn’t supported; funding Governor Walker has said he will earmark for higher ed will likely be tied to (as of yet undetermined) performance measures; and Ray Cross has asked for a summary of what UWM is known for in his quest to secure us more GPR funding. The Provost projects that in eight years we will stabilize at a student population of about 25,000 with about 700 faculty. UC Member Bob Schwartz reported on other committee meetings he has attended, and expressed concern that campus safety training does not focus enough on how instructors should handle situations, especially in large lecture halls. UC Member Marcia Parsons reported the that L&S Dean Search committee has approved a position description that will then go to HR and the Provost. We ended our meeting by discussing our meeting last week with members of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board and how we might encourage colleagues to write relevant op-eds.