November 24, 2020

K. Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Work Group met Friday to discuss Spring semester 2021. The main concern was the spread of COVID in Wisconsin and whether campus will be open to f2f instruction. Kelly Haag reported that the Emergency Operations Team has been informed by the CDC that cases in Wisconsin are on a trajectory suggesting they might double between now and when the semester begins in January. Spring 2021 therefore might be the reverse of last spring, when we were open until March and then moved online. The UW System testing requirements post-Thanksgiving have resulted in a reduction of f2f courses on campus; only six UWM courses are currently scheduled to be f2f after the holiday. The Expanded Cabinet met Monday and discussed a new Anti-Racist Training module for the campus that has been custom-built by members of the group led by Joan Prince, Vice Chancellor for Global Inclusion and Engagement. Administrators will be the first to test the module. Invitations have gone out to members of the Police Advisory Committee and the first meeting will be held in December.

Kyla Esquerra, ASC Chair, reported that an e-mail will be sent out monthly to all academic staff to update members on the delay in the shift to a bi-weekly pay structure and to remind members about COVID testing availability. ASC members will also be informed about the ongoing discussions surrounding Teaching Professor titles and the existence of a Technology Readiness Committee that has spun off the Scenario Planning Group. A new academic staff survey will be sent out by Jim Kavanagh to identify technology needs on the part of non-teaching as well as teaching academic staff. The general meeting of the ASC several weeks ago was attended by 238 ASC members. The VSIP went out to 103 academic staff members but it is unclear how many will be applying or approved.

Mark Schwartz and Jack O’Meara reported on the status of MORFS. The membership drive in spring was disrupted by the pandemic; the plan going forward is to continue to make appeals via e-mail and attempt to meet with Departments to recruit additional members.

In Members’ Reports J. Snethen reported that APBC met and discussed distribution of funds to schools and colleges vs. central administration.

Provost Britz will attend the December 1 meeting.