November 13, 2018

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that he met with APBC chair Tom Malaby to discuss confidentiality issues.

UC Chair O’Connor reported on the Faculty Representatives meeting, and a resolution drafted by the Representatives in response to the most recent draft of the Program Productivity Monitoring policy. UC discussed the resolution and agreed to forward it to the Faculty Senate for support at the meeting later this week. The rules will be suspended to consider support for this resolution as an action item. The resolution states that any changes to the curriculum should be the result of faculty input to the Chancellor of the local institution (local control). Local control should also decide thresholds for programs and for appeals. Also, should a program be put on notice, the three-year timeline currently proposed for increasing majors is too short.

Chancellor Mone attended and reported that the policy regarding the availability of alcohol at campus events –SAAP 5—has been revised. For events on campus, alcohol can now only be provided through campus services; provision of alcohol by other parties (e.g. event attendees) is no longer allowed.

Also, Chancellor Mone just returned from a meeting of the American Association for Public Land Grant Universities (APLU). The Chancellor is serving as chair of the 21st Century Workforce for Urban Serving Universities. Among the issues the Workforce is evaluating are the technological transformation of higher education, and college education costs. In this light, the Chancellor hopes to begin conversations on campus on issues such as branding and community partnerships.

Equity & Diversity Services (EDS) Director Jaime Cimpl-Weimer attended, and summarized case data handled by EDS over the past 3 years. EDS operates in the context of SAAP 47 (discriminatory conduct) and SAAP 78 (sexual violence). Once EDS receives a complaint, their investigative process is two-fold: 1) examining to see if there is a preponderance of evidence supporting the complaint; and 2) determining if the conduct violates UW system and/or UWM policies. EDS then develops a report on the complaint and refers it to the Provost. UC agreed that it would be good to have EDS present annually to the Faculty Senate.

The proposal for reorganization by UW-Stevens Point was also discussed.