March 31, 2015

We discussed our questions for IVP Mark Harris regarding resources for research at UWM. Will there be an RGI program? Is any travel funding available? Are there matching funds for grant proposals, and if so, how much? How will research be preserved on campus? After this, the Chancellor arrived and spoke of the accolades UWM has gotten regarding our leadership in on-line and flex programs among national accrediting bodies. We asked about the funding climate for Innovation Park and for the Northwest Quadrant since it was recently made known that the state will not be supporting any of our building projects. Chancellor Mone has been meeting with a cluster of campuses from the region to explore developing strategic collaborations. We then discussed partnerships (MPS, UWM & MATC) centered around Bradley Tech and our obligations regarding historical agreements. We reviewed last week’s Budget Meeting and System President Cross’s reaction to Professor Richard’s Grusin’s question. The Chancellor felt that such a candid response was a positive thing, but is concerned about public misperceptions about the tone and context of the interaction. After various reports from committees, including a discussion of Downer Woods, especially the need to be proactive and vigilant in keeping Downer Woods preserved for the purpose of research and student engagement, and a discussion about Data Management, we adjourned.