July 28, 2020

K. Dolan reported that based on Robin Van Harpen’s discussion of budget issues the UW System contribution to the $250 million cut requested by the state will be about $69 million. K. Dolan also reported on new federal regulations re: Title IX cases adjudicated on college campuses; the new rules will go into effect on August 14 so UW System has released information regarding how this process will be implemented. Faculty representatives and other governance groups will work with the Secretary of the University’s office on how to change P&P to bring existing regulations in line with the new requirements. K. Dolan followed up on a request for information regarding the race and gender data provided to Robin van Harpen by the UWM Police Department. A detailed response is forthcoming.

K. Dolan reported on the Expanded Cabinet meeting: total undergraduate enrollment is down 5% from last year at this time, including first time and returning students; the decline is greater among new students but returning student enrollment is better than expected. The actual numbers of students on campus will be finalized by mid-August. Robin Van Harpen reported a new COVID-related SAP will be going into effect that will include information about the campus mask mandate, social distancing requirements, education and training as well as the daily monitoring protocol for faculty, staff and students. These emergency procedures could become permanent going forward. The virtual May commencement will go live on August 16th.

Provost Britz reported that freshman enrollment is 5-7% down but returning students are up by 2%; graduate student enrollments also slightly up. It is still not clear how many students will be in campus housing in the fall or what the impact will be on revenue from parking, meal plans etc. A meeting with Department chairs is planned to discuss enrollments and returning students; syllabi should be posted and Canvas course sites and gradebooks established as soon as possible to provide students with a sense of how the fall semester will unfold. The Research plan for re-opening offices and labs seems to be on track. A meeting with deans and shared governance groups on August 4 will focus on forward planning re: incoming international students and other issues. Individual programs must have some on-site classes for international students to get visas so communication with incoming students is important. The report of the 2030 Thinktank working group includes recommendations for reductions in the number of schools and colleges as well as changes in program configurations; workload changes are also likely. Spring semester planning is likely to be similar to fall with mainly online and some f2f courses.

Outgoing ASC Chair Leigh Wallace reported on concerns among academic staff that they are the most likely to be affected by coming layoffs and other austerity measures. There have been several inquiries about extensions for indefinite status applications. Current ASC Vice Chair and incoming Chair Kyla Esguerra will be taking over from Leigh Wallace and was welcomed by the UC. She reported that the Title IX updates will also impact academic staff and the ASC is working with campus Legal on language for the changing requirements.

There were no members’ committee reports.

Chancellor Mone will attend the August 11th UC meeting.