January 21, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported on the Academic Leadership Council meeting. There will be a new branding campaign. There was also a report on enrollments. At the time of the meeting (12/17/19) applications were down from the same date last year.

The 2030 Task Force continues to meet. The final report is due on April 15th.

K. Dolan has been working to fill faculty vacancies on governance committees. Five vacancies were filled, four remain to be filled.

Ray Cross will attend the Faculty Senate meeting on Thursday.

Provost Johannes Britz attended the UC meeting. He reported that in order to be eligible for raises in 2020-2021, faculty will need to complete an annual faculty review in the next several months. There will be a meeting of deans and chairs on January 31. There has been an active campaign to engage students returning from Fall to Spring semester. However, applications are down. Transfers are up, as are graduate applications. An offer has been made for the director of Connected Systems. Funding for the Freshwater Collaborative looks promising.

UC Member John Reisel is forming a working group to review processes for promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor. Currently, there are over 300 Associate Professors on campus.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Rules Committee suggested that the Provost speak about the Budget model including the reverse incentive model. The SSEA has been delayed in sending out questions about Dean Shoho.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that Zoom interviews for the Dean of the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare will take place tomorrow. The R1 working group met once.

J. Reisel reported that the EBC met last month to discuss the TTC.

Academic Staff Senate Chair Leigh Wallace will attend the next meeting.