January 19, 2021

Provost Britz reported on College of Health Sciences Dean Tim Behrens’ condition, which is improving. Jennifer Doll will continue as Interim Dean as long as necessary while he recovers. Enrollments have improved somewhat since efforts began over break to contact individual retuning students but are still down from last year, especially for freshmen returning after fall semester. A meeting with all Chairs has been scheduled for January 20. A second tenure clock extension will be made available for faculty who opt to apply for it. There is no news yet on vaccinations; it is possible that UWM will be a site for administering vaccines but this has not yet been determined.

UC Chair K. Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Workgroup continues to work on recommendations for the fall. All four 2030 subgroups have submitted their reports and Co-chairs K. Dolan and M. Harris will generate a final report to be submitted to the Provost and the Chancellor on February 1. UW System Representatives will meet this coming Friday; there is no word yet on what will be on the agenda.

In Members’ Reports N. Rothfels reported that the Affirmative Action and Faculty Employment Committee met and discussed the Faculty Action Team on Diversity and the interplay between these two groups. Associate Vice Chancellor Venugopalan will be invited to attend to discuss how to better integrate these initiatives. The Teaching Professor Group has met and continues to discuss how UW Madison’s approach to these title changes are being handled. J. Reisel reported that the Instructional & Research Academic Staff Review Committee met and discussed individuals planning to come forward for indefinite status. J. Snethen reported that the Academic Planning and Budget Committee met on January 14 to discuss a proposal for a BS in Neuroscience as well as the impact of the pandemic on space planning. Unit budgets were discussed, as was the response to the VSIP and how that might impact budgets going forward.

ASC Chair Kyla Esguerra will attend the January 26, 2021 meeting.