January 10

The UC heard from two guests today: Chancellor Mark Mone and Professor Joyce Latham. Chancellor Mone addressed several issues. Tomorrow he is meeting with State Senator Alberta Darling and State Representative John Nygren. Darling and Nygren co-chair the Joint Committee on Finance. On Friday, the campus will submit a report to the UW System detailing contributions to the UWS 2020FWD plan, which is the System’s ask for the next budget. In two weeks, MATC will host the public launch of M3 (the collaboration between UWM, MPS and MATC).

Mone outlined several areas of focus for 2017: including, maintaining R1 status; increasing funding and revenue opportunities; communicating with the legislature and other state government entities; sustaining momentum behind development; increasing enrollments; building on the budget work of SPC and ISS; and bringing attention to issues of diversity, inclusion, safety, and climate. His office is working on a response to the Faculty Senate resolution on UWM’s status as a Sanctuary Campus, which should be ready for the first Senate meeting.

Joyce Latham, Professor in SOIS and member of the committee on IT Policy presented a draft of a new UWS IT policy. The current policy is here. She expressed concern that other shared governance groups before ITPC had not received the draft policy and therefore would not be able to provide input on it. The UC asked her to communicate with the ITPC chair to find an appropriate time to bring the new policy to the Faculty Senate.

We discussed other committee meetings we’ve attended and went over a flow chart that John Reisel drafted to accompany and clarify the process of post tenure review.