February 5, 2019

UC Chair Kris O’Connor reported that he attended the Faculty Reps meeting last week. The pay plan, Program Monitoring Policy, a new Teacher Education Task Force, the UW-Whitewater Chancellor search, Title and Compensation Review, and PTR were discussed. A revision to the Program Monitoring Policy to come in spring will focus on campuses providing data to system providing data, rather than system providing data to campuses on their programs.

Provost Johannes Britz attended, and reported that the Board of Regents meeting is this week; the Provosts will also be meeting. Provost Britz presented updates on the status of a new Chemistry building, as well as Building A in NWQ.

UC member Mark Schwartz reported that a meeting with the Governor’s policy director was fruitful in discussing implementing a funding mechanism for UW-Milwaukee’s MORFS, which will serve in a similar role as PROFS does for UW-Madison faculty. Schwartz will be meeting with UW System President Ray Cross in the near future.

UC member Laura Otto-Salaj reported that the CGS Dean search committee met last week and approved the position description and ad copy for the search. The ad will be posted shortly.