December 14, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that:  1) Finalist interviews for the VC for Development have concluded; 2)  The proposed new class scheduling policy rollout generated considerable concern, so it is being walked back, and should come to the Faculty Senate for discussion in Spring 2022 before moving forward again; and 3) The Faculty Senate Committee-of-the-whole discussion on Thursday (about the Teaching and Research Professor academic staff titles) will be led by Rothfels and he expects it to also include AVCs Tim Danielson and D. Venugopalan, VP Mark Harris, and a representative from the ASC.

Chancellor M. Mone joined the meeting and shared the following: 1) Momentum is building in his work with the BOR to implement GPR funding improvements for our campus, but a case statement needs further development for attempts to engage support from business leaders and the legislature; 2)  Commencements this semester and in the Spring will be in person again, and there will also be a make-up ceremony in April 2022 (for those unable to attend one since the pandemic).  The return of these in-person events is generating considerable excitement among our students and alumni; and 3) Overall UWM COVID vaccination rates are up to 88% for employees and 94% for students.

K. Nelson (UWM Director of Sustainability) and J. Gardner (staff in the Sustainability office) joined the meeting to provide an overview and answer questions about sustainability efforts on our campus. This involves assessing our resiliency and vulnerabilities in relation to climate change and looking at mitigation strategy targets (in 2030 and 2050) for emissions reductions. The UC will look to arrange an information session on this topic for the Faculty Senate in Spring 2022.

Member J. Snethen reported that several items from the PAC will be on Thursday’s Faculty Senate agenda (under automatic consent), including the addition of emeritus status eligibility for University Staff.  Member D. Misra noted that the next APBC meeting will include an update from Dean S. Gronert on GER planning.