December 13

Today’s UC meeting began with a visit from Brett Peters, Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. He requested clarification on a memo he received from the UC on Nov 3rd outlining allegations of potential violations of UWM Policies and Procedures by his office.

Chancellor Mone started his report by informing the UC that he plans to create a position in corporate and non-profit engagement that will be posted in early 2017. He then addressed a resolution that will come before the Faculty Senate on Thursday regarding UWM as a sanctuary campus. Although Mone voiced support for most of the resolution’s provisions, he stated that the University would have to cooperate with federal authorities so as not to risk federal funds. Members of the UC had many questions concerning the approximate number of undocumented students on our campus, regulations protecting the privacy of student information, and the legality of warrantless requests for such information or for access to students. Mone said that university legal would have answers to these questions on Thursday. The Chancellor then discussed efforts to ensure campus safety given the controversial speaker who is slated to speak on campus tonight. While the speaker, who is an employee of Breitbart and has been permanently banned from Twitter after he issued a slew of racist tweets targeting a comedienne, will be delivering his hate-filled presentation in the Union, Students for a Democratic Society and others will be holding a competing event to condemn hate speech. Please see here for the ACLU’s position on hate speech on campus.

In the Chair’s report, John Reisel informed us that the regents passed our Post-tenure review policy. The UC will now work on guidelines for implementing the policy. The strategic visioning committee met and worked on articulating goals and aspirations. And SEJEC met to discuss possible initiatives to target poverty in Milwaukee beyond last year’s grant program, including adding supports for our own students who are food and housing insecure. Members of the committee voiced concern that they lacked a clear charge and needed administrative support to follow up on and implement ideas.

Vice Chancellor Tom Luljak and Katie Miota (Interim Director of Office of Undergraduate Admissions) reported on recruitment and marketing efforts in Illinois. They plan to hire two additional advisors who will target Illinois high schools.

In members reports, Michael Brondino summarized the last Strategic Position Control meeting, which included projections about decreases in faculty, staff, and enrollments over the next four years. Bob Schwartz shared a statement that Distinguished Professors issued regarding their objection to the “public identification of a few key research areas at UWM” which diminishes the “breadth and depth of scholarly accomplishment at UWM” and may have long-term consequences.

The Faculty Senate meets Thursday, December 15th at 2:30pm in Curtin 175.