August 31, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that he had met with Sue Weslow regarding changes to SAAP 10-12 “COVID-related Health and Safety Rules” (which was considered and recommended for approval at the special meeting yesterday).

UC members found the Provost’s COVID-19 information meeting held this morning useful and informative.  A recording of the meeting is available at this link:

Due to a vacancy, the UC needs to appoint a new member to the Arts and Humanities Divisional Committee as soon as possible.  Several potential individuals were suggested, and Rothfels will contact them in the order established during discussion.

The UC discussed the advantages of a campus vaccine requirement, and then unanimously approved this statement:  “With respect for current scientific understanding of COVID-19 and guidelines from the CDC, it is clear that having as many people as possible vaccinated on campus is the best way to control the spread of COVID-19.  Thus, we strongly endorse adopting a vaccine requirement for the campus community.”  This action will be officially reported at the Faculty Senate meeting on September 23rd at which time the Senate will be asked to ratify the statement or take other appropriate action.

The dogged way that UW-System administration has pursued (and campus administration acquiesced to) changes in academic and university staff titles as part of the “Title and Total Compensation (TTC)” process in the name of “standardization” is frustrating.  UC members feel faculty governance must continue to question this process in support of our staff colleagues.  Rothfels will draft a statement for discussion and consideration at our next meeting.