August 29, 2017

The UC Chair reported that he will begin regularly meeting with the Provost after the next UC meeting. The capital budget passed by JFC was announced today. Based upon the report of the Chancellor’s cabinet there was discussion about the undergraduate research program with a recommendation that the UC obtain more information about the program at a future meeting.  There was a request for a brief handout about what criteria will contribute to the R1 renewal data to share with faculty who can use for departmental discussions and planning to support the R1 renewal. The UC will send an email to inform faculty about the purpose and role of the Senate and UC along with an invitation to attend meetings. Dean search for the College of Health Science and Lubar School of Business call for faculty volunteers will be evaluated at the next meeting. Faculty salary compression was discussed and there was agreement to revisit the issue with campus administration.

The next UC meeting is September 5th.