April 28, 2020

UC Chair Kathleen Dolan reported on the Deans’ Council meeting. The Deans discussed the second wave of furloughs.  

K. Dolan reported that UW System President Ray Cross addressed the Faculty Representatives during their virtual meeting on Friday, April 24th . He shared that that System will do everything possible to assist campuses in preparing to go back to delivering face-to-face courses this fall, but this will be dependent on events in the next couple of months. Decisions on format will be made by July 10th. The 2 plus 2 raise is still in place, but may be taken back due to a likely mid-cycle budget cut to state agencies. It is unclear how to treat people who do not feel safe to return to campus in fall. John and Tashia Morgridge have provided a $2 million gift to UW System to support online education technology and training for instructors. UW System will waive SAT and ACT scores for next year (class of 2025).

K. Dolan reported on the Chancellor’s Expanded Cabinet meeting, held on Monday April 27th. Phase 2 furloughs were discussed; more reductions will be forthcoming. Department of Enrollment Management Interim Co-Chairs Kay Eilers provided an update on the distribution of funds from the CARES Act to students. Students need to have completed the FAFSA form in order to be eligible for funding.

K. Dolan met with Provost Johannes Britz this morning. He is organizing a meeting of all UWM department chairs prior to the end of semester, in order to provide an update on scenario planning for fall, academic policies, and enrollment status. They also discussed the sabbatical proposal.

K. Dolan met with Chancellor Mark Mone to discuss furloughs. HR is working on procedures for how to report furlough days.

Academic Staff Senate Chair Leigh Wallace attended. She reported that academic staff are concerned about furloughs and what may happen to positions that are impacted by summer furlough. ASC members are involved in scenario planning for fall 2020 and spring 2021.

UC Member Bettina Arnold reported that the R1 workgroup continues to meet. Their last meeting is May 29th, and she anticipates they will develop a document to bring to UC for consideration in June.

UC Member John Reisel reported that the Economic Benefits Committee met. Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Tim Danielson provided and update on furloughs, and committee members elected a new chair for 2020-21.

UC Member Julia Snethen reported that the Rules Committee met and set the agenda for the upcoming Faculty Senate meeting.  

New Business:

An emergency policy to provide relief for COVID-19 disruption of sabbatical leave was discussed. There are three categories of individuals: those who experienced no disruption; those who were successful in some part of their sabbatical prior to disruption; and those who were unable to complete their work because of the travel ban, or other issues related to COVID-19. There will be a range of options for those affected.

Provost Britz assembled a COVID-19 scenario planning group, chaired by Letters and Science Dean Scott Gronert. Members include governance leads, plus representation of faculty, staff, and administration.  

Provost Britz will attend the next meeting.