Apr 1, 2014

When Provost Britz arrived, we discussed the strategic planning process and the need to continue our trajectory even with the upcoming changes to administrative leadership. Britz feels that UWM has good support of System President Ray Cross, who seems to understand the desperate need for funding  at UWM.

It should be noted that the UC does not appoint an interim chancellor position. The System President, Ray Cross, will make that appointment, though we are in conversation with him about it.

We want to highlight the following quote by local business leader, Sheldon Lubar, pulled from a recent article in the Journal Sentinel: “The UW System is the most important — without a rival second — the most important institution in the state, and the success of our community in Milwaukee and every community in our state is dependent on a highly educated citizenry,” Lubar said. “The university is not just a punching bag and a place you can take money from without any regard to what its impact is.”