Veterans Upward Bound

Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is a federally funded TRIO Program (U.S. Department of Education) designed to help qualified military veterans become college-ready and enroll in a postsecondary school (university, community college, and vocational/technical programs).  VUB provides basic skills instruction and educational and career advising to enable veterans to achieve their academic goals.  Those veterans without a high school diploma can take the basic skills classes to prepare to take the GED exam.

The goals of Veterans Upward Bound at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is to:

  • Promote the development and opportunities of veterans to reach their full potential.
  • Help veterans learn in an environment with fellow veterans who understand their unique needs.
  • Respect each veteran as an adult learner, and appreciate their service to our country.
  • Find the right career for each veteran based on their abilities and disabilities.

Over 1,880 veterans have graduated from colleges all over the country with the help of Veterans Upward Bound programs.


  • Any U.S. military veteran who served more than 180 days of active duty (other than for training only), or was released from active duty because of a service connected disability.
  • Veterans must have a discharge OTHER than dishonorable.
  • Veterans must be low-income and/or a potential first-generation college student as defined that neither of the veteran’s parents has obtained a 4-year college degree.

How to Register

Veterans may register by going to any of the following locations:

  • At the Veterans Administration (VA), visit Domiciliary 123 (approximately 54th & National Avenue), Room A-105, Tuesday or Wednesday morning.
  • At Vets Place Central (33rd & Wells), visit one of our classes and talk to our instructors.
  • On the county grounds in Racine County in Union Grove, visit one of our classes and talk to our instructors, or meet with the Senior Instructional Specialist on Monday mornings.
  • Veterans may also call the main office in Milwaukee on the campus of UWM at 414-229-2607 to talk to the director, or call 414-229-2258 to ask for an application.

Policies and Fees

This is an open enrollment and open departure program which means that participation is voluntary with no financial commitments or charges.

Veterans may be eligible for monthly stipends (not to exceed $40) after they have completed their first 10 hours of class time.

Veterans in residential programs are welcome and VUB activities do NOT take precedent over the requirements of the residential facility (e.g., Vets Place or Dom 123).

Veterans in need of transportation assistance may be eligible to receive bus tickets in order to attend classes.


Download the Veterans Upward Bound Brochure.


Q: What can VUB do for me?
A: When you begin the VUB program you will be given the TABE assessment test to determine where you are academically. You will also have a one-on-one with our advisor or director to discuss your interests and goals. Next a plan is developed to help you reach your goals. Academic weaknesses can be worked on by attending our classes, tutoring, or by working independently with our software programs. We will help you with the college admissions process. Upon completion of the VUB program we will continue to be a resource for your ongoing educational success.

Q: Can VUB help me find a job?
A: No, but we do offer career counseling and resume development. It should be noted that all TRIO Programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education have attainment of a four-year degree as their ultimate goal. Having said that, many VUB alum have improved their basic skills and enrolled in certificate programs of interest or obtained career level employment.

Q: I’m already enrolled in a postsecondary program (i.e., college or a vocational/technical school), am I still eligible to participate in VUB?
A: Maybe. Our services are focused on helping veterans improve their basic skills to become college-ready to enter school. Veterans that are already in school may be well beyond the benefit of our program.

Q: Does VUB provide financial aid?
A: No. We may assist in identifying financial aid resources and completing the application process but we are not funded to assist with college costs. Monthly stipends paid to participants (not to exceed $40) are primarily to offset any costs incurred by the veteran to participate in the program, and they also serve as a secondary inducement for retention.


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