Parents Achieving Goals through Education

P.A.G.E Program

Joel Harris plays poolA parent expressed his concern about providing support for his high school student. “Families care about their children and want to be involved in their educational process. Our children need us to partner with them in the classroom setting, but sometimes we are not sure what the partnership should look like. I need more direction in this area.”

Parents Achieving Goals through Education (P.A.G.E) is designed to help parents know the way in order to show the way to college. Parental involvement is a necessary component of the success of young students. P.A.G.E will help parents identify and gain access to necessary resources, tools, and opportunities to guide their children through middle school, high school, and college.

Workshops will Include

  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • College Vocabulary Bingo
  • Campus Tours
  • Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Child
  • Guest Speakers
  • and More!

Eligibility: Parents/Guardians of participating TRIO & Pre-College students
Offered: Year Round

P.A.G.E Program

Phone: (414) 251-0439
Fax: (414) 229-2918