Mini-Courses – Summer Exploration Camp

Summer Camp 2024 has reached enrollment and we are no longer able to enroll additional students at this time.  All registrations received will be placed on our waitlist.    


The Mini-Courses Summer Exploration Camp is a two-week academic enrichment program that reinforces middle school students’ reading, writing, math, and science skills. The two week camp includes a reading and writing component one week, and a math and science component the other week. The enrichment program serves students who are rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and requires students to have a 2.0 core grade point average.

Class Size: 50 Students (first come, first serve basis)

Eligibility: Students entering 6th, 7th or 8th grade for the upcoming academic year. Must have a core GPA of 2.0 or above.

Program Fee: $315.00 class fee or DPI Pre-College Scholarship*

*Students must be eligible for free or reduced lunch to apply for the DPI Pre-College Scholarship

Mini-Courses Summer Exploration Camp Dates:

  • Summer camp enrollment is for both weeks.

Summer 2024: July 22-August 2, 2024 from 9:00am – 3:00pm

Math & Science covered Week One: July 22 – July 26, 2024

Exploring Business:  Students will be introduced to math and science concepts and careers by exploring the functions of a business and be introduced to financial literacy.   Students will be participating in hands-on workshops and educational field trips.



Reading & Writing covered Week Two: July 29 – August 2, 2024

Exploring Global Goals:  Students will challenge their skills in reading and writing by working in groups to research, design and present final projects highlighting Sustainable Development Goals.  Student’s work will be showcased on Thursday, August 1st

* Students will be staying overnight in the UWM Residence Halls on Thursday, August 1st! Camp will conclude on Friday, August 2nd at 10:00am.


Students must have a core GPA of 2.0 to be eligible for this class and must be entering grades 6-8 in the upcoming fall semester.

How to Determine Your Core Grade Point Average (GPA):

Please note that only the core classes are used to determine the student’s core GPA. Those classes include variations of reading, math, English, science, social studies and foreign languages. Do not include classes such as music, art, physical education, computer science, etc. when calculating your core GPA. If you have any questions regarding a core class or need help determining your core GPA for eligibility, please call our program at 414-229-6236.

How to Register


Summer Camp 2024 has reached enrollment and we are no longer able to enroll additional students at this time.  All registrations received will be placed on our waitlist. 

Please complete the Online Application. If registration is closed for the current session, please email or call the Mini-Courses office at 414-229-6236.

Policies and Fees

The cost for the Summer Exploration Camp is $315.00.

DPI Precollege Scholarships are available for students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch. The DPI Precollege Scholarship is included in the Summer Exploration Camp application. Students may receive a maximum of three DPI Precollege Scholarships per year.

DPI Scholarship PDF form is available below.

We accept check or money order made payable to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee/Mini Courses. Please mail payments to Mini-Courses at the address listed below.  If you prefer to make payment in person, please contact Mini-Courses Staff.  Thank you.

UWM Mini Courses
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Tricia Maldonado
Pre-College Services Manager

Quinn McLeese
Pre-College Services Advisor

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