Q: What services are provided by the EOC Project?
A: Participants in the EOC program receive educational information, individual advising, and direct assistance with making plans that ultimately help them achieve their educational and career goals.

Qualifying adults who want to enter or continue a program of secondary or postsecondary education receive information, counseling, and assistance with engaging in continuing education opportunities.

EOC staff works with individual participants to assist them to identifying and applying for appropriate educational and occupational training programs at the secondary and postsecondary levels. Participants are also assisted with identifying and applying for the various financial aid resource options, such as grants and loans, and are kept informed about scholarship opportunities.

As part of their college preparation program, participants are exposed to college campus life through college tours and cultural enrichment activities and field trips. In addition, EOC works to support students’ success by conducting informational workshops on a variety of college preparation and retention topics such as:

  • Academic Advising
  • Information on Postsecondary Education Opportunities and College Selection
  • Testing Taking Skills and Strategies
  • Financial Aid
  • Career Exploration
  • Study and Time Management Skills and Strategies
  • Financial Management
  • Basic Computer and Internet Skills
  • Tutoring and Mentoring

Q: What do I need to know about financing a College Education
A: EOC offers the following information and assistance about financing a college education:

    • Understanding the financial aid process, college tuition and fees, budgeting for college, and finding your college’s financial aid office and advisor.
    • Identifying a portfolio of state, local, and private funds, such as, grants, scholarships, loans, student work study programs, employee-reimbursement programs, social clubs, religious groups, community groups, and military enlistment or armed forces reserves participation benefits that you may qualify for to pay for your education.
    • Completing and electronically filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Reconciling defaulted student loans for school re-entry.
    • Financial Literacy and Money Management Workshops.

For specific information about tuition costs and the financial aid process at area colleges, universities, and technical schools, call our office at (414) 229-2917

Q: How can EOC help me make satisfying decisions about successfully achieving my Future Career Goals?
A: The type of college and major you select is critical to the success of your career goals. Therefore your investment in your education must be well thought out. Knowing who you are and what you want to do in the future is very important. EOC will help you explore your career interests in relation to your educational options:

  • Through individual and group workshops on educational and career development topics.
  • Using a variety of self-assessment instruments that match your career interest and personal preferences and aptitude.
  • Educating you about the different types of colleges that offer educational programs related to your career interests.
  • Identifying future job market trends, wage forecasts, professional development associations, and other pertinent information on your selected career choice(s).

Q: How can EOC help me make satisfying continuing Education Choices?
A: We all know that education is an important key to advancement but the choices are many and complicated sometimes. How do we as adults make the best educational choices for personal success?

EOC staff recognizes that adult students have multiple roles, responsibilities, and individual needs. Making the choice to return to school is difficult and educational choices are complicated by the need to work, take care of a family, and other responsibilities. Therefore, to help you take that big step, EOC provides assistance with:

  • Pursuing a college degree by helping you select an appropriate school with the degree or educational program and schedule that works for individual needs and future career goals. You will receive assistance with completing the college admissions requirements.
  • Identifying and understanding financial aid resources and completing the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.
  • Complete high school by helping you contact and enroll in an Adult Basic Skills program. We assist you identifying legitimate GED preparation programs and testing sites in Milwaukee County.
  • Assistance with transferring from a two year to a four year college or university.
  • Information about how to resolve financial aid default issues.
  • Information and support services to help you stay and succeed in school

Q: Who else do we work with to help adults accomplish educational goals?
A: The Educational Opportunity Center partners with a wide variety community based social service providers, employment agencies, and other organizations to refer and assist clients to meet their educational needs. We work as a referral resource and direct service provider for counselors and other professionals who work with individuals who plan to enroll in secondary and post-secondary education. We also visit with and provide tutoring, cultural enrichment and college preparation activities to adult basic skills and GED instructors. We also work with employers who want to make their staff aware of educational advancement opportunities.

All EOC services and participation is free to eligible participants.