Tech Tip: Technology Readiness for Fall

Back-to-school is right around the corner, and we want to make sure your technology is in tip-top shape! These resources are here to help you prepare your devices for the upcoming fall semester: 


Brush up on your cybersecurity know-how! Visit our website to find information about Phishing, Passphrase creation, Illegal File Sharing, and much more. P.S. – Be on the lookout for upcoming cybersecurity events on campus this fall!  

Multi-Factor Authentication 

Need to set up MFA? Want to add a new backup method? Visit our Multifactor Authentication website for resources and more! 

UWM Help Desk 

Help is just a call away! The UWM Help Desk is there for you through all your technology issues. Click a phishing email on accident? Call the Help Desk! Can’t log into your account? Call the Help Desk! Computer won’t start? Call the Help Desk! 

UWM KnowledgeBase 

Looking for answers to common technology questions? Visit the KnowledgeBase (KB)! It’s a great first step in troubleshooting easy-to-fix technology issues. With over 1,000 articles regarding technology on campus, there’s a good chance your answer is in the KB! 

UWM Software

In need of specialized software? Start your search at the UWM Software site! With tons of free and discounted software for UWM faculty, staff, and students, always check the software site before buying anything for full price! 

UWM TechRepair 

Did your computer stop working over the summer break? Schedule an appointment with UWM TechRepair! They provide lots of services but their most popular are free warrantied work on Macs and Dells, and free virus removals!  

UWM TechStore 

Looking to buy a new device? The UWM TechStore is your one stop shop for new technology on campus! They sell both Apple and Dell devices with all the accessories you could ever need. Find them on campus in Bolton Hall or visit their website to shop online.  

UWM TechTraining 

Interested in learning more about Microsoft Teams and other applications? Take a TechTraining course! Visit their website to learn about upcoming courses, find recordings of past courses, and more resources for learning about technology at UWM! 


Need to log into the WiFi again? For instructions on how to log back in, visit the UWM WiFi website!