Teams Meeting Recordings Auto-expiration

Microsoft is introducing a new meeting recording auto-expiration feature that will automatically delete Teams meeting recordings stored in OneDrive and SharePoint after 60 days if the recording was created by faculty, staff, or students. For Teams meetings recordings created by emeriti, annuitants, or sponsored users, meeting recordings will auto-expire after 30… Read More

Microsoft MFA is Here

On Monday, November 15, 2021, Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) went live on UWM services (Microsoft 365, HRS, PAWS, Canvas, etc.).  Here are a few additional resources that might be helpful now that you’ve enrolled:  Changing your primary authentication method  Logging… Read More

Preparing for Microsoft MFA

On November 15, 2021, UWM’s new digital identity experience will be in place. On that date, when you log into UWM services, you will be prompted to enter information to complete your transition to this new digital identity experience. Your… Read More

Phishing Awareness: Job Scams Suck

Each year, millions of emails, websites, text messages, and phone calls are weaponized by scammers to steal people’s personal information. Unfortunately, as a large institution with lots of students, faculty, and staff, UWM is a target for these attacks. The… Read More

Information Technology Purchasing

If you would like to procure an information technology service, whether hosted in the cloud or in our data centers, submit the purchase request form as soon as possible.   Professionals in Information Technology and Procurement areas have a series of reviews to conduct to perform a successful procurement and the… Read More