Microsoft Whiteboard Integration with Teams

Microsoft has added new functionality to Teams meetings to make it even easier for working groups to collaborate creatively. Microsoft Whiteboard is a presentation mode that allows for sketching, storyboarding, and other creative brainstorming during Teams meetings. To start doodling during meetings, follow these instructions:  Join any Teams Meeting.  Select the Share Content button… Read More

Teams Tip: Custom Backgrounds

Microsoft recently released a new feature that allows for custom background effects in Teams. Click the ellipse button (…) on your screen during a meeting to access your menu, then select Show background effects. A new pane will pop up… Read More

Teams Tip: Using Teams Mobile

Microsoft Teams is available for use on mobile devices! This would allow you to chat, attend a meeting, or answer a Teams call from your cell phone. If you are interested in downloading Teams Mobile, please use the instructions below:… Read More