WISC Software offer Windows 10 to students at no cost

Student can get a copy of Windows 10 Education through WISC Software.

Windows 10 Education is essentially equivalent in functionality to Windows 10 Enterprise, with a larger feature set than both Home and Pro. Windows 10 Education is permitted for use during school and beyond graduation on the student’s personal computers. For more information, please contact WISC Software.

Click here to go to get Windows 10 Education from WISC Software Site.

SPSS 23 Amos available for UWM

SPSS 23 Amos is now available at this time.

More information about the software can be found by click here.

SPSS 23 available for UWM

With the recent release from IBM, SPSS 23 is now available for UWM Faculty and Staff.

However, SPSS 23 Amos is not available at this time. If you need to use the module, please hold on upgrading until the module become available for campus.

More information about the software can be found by click here.

Office Pro Plus Program for Faculty and Staff

UWM now offers the Microsoft Office Pro Plus Program to current UWM faculty and staff. This allows faculty and staff to download the latest version of Microsoft Office suite at no cost. Faculty and staff can download the software through the Office 365 portal.

For more information, click here.