Waukesha – Spring 2022

Congratulations on the achievements that have led you to this step in your journey. New Student Orientation marks your entrance into the UWM community. This program will introduce you to the UWM at Waukesha campus, the network of support you have access to, as well as to other new students and families. New Student Orientation is intended for new students, but parents and families are welcome to attend Family Orientation – you can register when your student signs up for Orientation.

Orientation Registration for Spring has closed

Orientation Registration Steps

1: Complete Admission Steps

You will be invited via postcard and email to sign up online for Orientation once you have satisfied your Course Placement requirement, then complete Pre-Orientation in your PAWS account:

Course Placement Requirements. You have two options to complete your course placement requirement:

  1. Submit your ACT or SAT scores to UW Milwaukee.
    • If you have already submitted your ACT/SAT scores with your application, you do not need to submit them again.
    • If you have not submitted your ACT/SAT scores, you can request those scores be sent directly to UWM from ACT or SAT.
    • If you have a copy of your ACT/SAT scores, UW Milwaukee also has an online form to report your test scores.
  1. If you do not have test scores, use our free online placement tools in BOTH math and English.
    • Math– Panther Math Prep is a free online placement tool that allows you to assess your current math skill level and receive a course placement via an online proctored math placement test in a platform called ALEKS.
    • English – UWM offers a free online placement option called Guided English Placement (GEP). The GEP takes about 30-60 minutes to complete.

Please visit uwm.edu/freshmanplacement for more information on course placement and to access the online placement options. For questions, email NFTest@uwm.edu

Complete the “Pre-Orientation” To Do List item in your PAWS account. This Pre-Orientation is required for all incoming students and you will be asked to reschedule your Orientation if it is not complete.

If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact our office  orientation@uwm.edu

2: Register for Orientation

Orientation Registration will open the week of 10/11/2021 — check back here for a link to our registration system. After you register, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation with limited program details via email. You’ll receive more extensive directions via mail and email about one week prior to the program.

Student Policies

Choosing a Meta-Major
A meta-major is a broad area of study that will set you on the path to prepare for your future major. Part of your orientation experience is based on the meta-major that you select when you register for the event. When you login to the Orientation registration site, you will have the option to indicate your current meta-major.

Disability and Mobility
We want to accommodate any disability or mobility needs that you may have in order to provide you with the best orientation experience. If you need an accommodation, please indicate this when you register in the space provided.

Guest Policy
You are not required to bring a guest, but if you would like to bring family members with you, you are allowed up to 2 guests. Romantic partners (boyfriends, girlfriends) or friends are not appropriate guests for this program. Please note you will not be with your guests for a majority of this program, including course enrollment. We do not recommend bringing small children to this event.

Note that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) applies differently to college students than to elementary or high school students — the student now has sole and direct ownership of their educational records.  While parents and families understandably have an interest in a student’s academic progress, they may only access the student’s records with written consent.  We encourage families to honor and appreciate their student’s role in charting their academic path and choosing their courses, under the guidance of UWM’s professional advisors.  See https://uwm.edu/registrar/ferpa-parents/ for more information about how FERPA applies to college students.

3: Prepare for Orientation

Orientation schedule coming soon!

Submit Your ID Photo [Required] Prior to Orientation, you need to submit the photo you would like to appear on your PantherCard. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself and upload it through the GET UWM app, PantherCard’s online management system. Go here to the PantherCard Office website for detailed instructions and requirements for your photo.

Credit Agreement [Required]
Before being able to register for classes, you must complete your credit agreement. You can complete it through your PAWS account, by clicking “Credit Agreement” on your To Do List items.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) [Required] Enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA). Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an additional layer of security that keeps your account safe. With MFA, you will be using something you know (your password) with something you have (your device/smartphone) to confirm your identity. For more details on how to enroll, sign in, and manage your devices please review instructions: https://kb.uwm.edu/54768 

UWM Email [Required]
You can access and set up your UWM email 1-2 days after you complete your “Intent to Enroll” To Do List item. Your email account is through Outlook and you can log in to the Microsoft suite here. Your email address is your ePantherID followed by @uwm.edu (ppanther@uwm.edu). Login with your full email address and your ePanther ID password.

Academic Plans
One of the most important things you will do as part of your Orientation experience is register for your first semester of classes. An advisor will help guide you on requirements for your major, but it’s a good idea to explore classes that fit your interests if you have room in your schedule. You can look at the schedule of classes for some ideas.

If you have questions about planning your schedule, you’ll have the chance to ask an Academic Advisor when you enroll in classes during your Orientation. For more general questions about your experience at UWM, email us at orientation@uwm.edu!

Packing List
Here is a list of some things to bring along for your day long Orientation Program:

Something to write with, a sweater (most buildings are air conditioned and can get cold), jacket, comfortable walking shoes and an umbrella (if needed).

Guest Preparation – We recommend you do the following to get the most out of the (optional) Guest Orientation programs:

  • Talk to your student about their academic classes since you won’t be joining them for class registration.
  • Take notes – we provide a lot of information about resources and programs.
  • Provide your email address to get on the PantherFamilies email list.
  • Have questions prepared for the offices you’ll be hearing from.
  • Connect with your student after the program to hear what they learned.
  • Take the evaluation so we know how we’re doing!
4: Attend Orientation

Register for Classes
You will meet with Academic Advisors who will assist you in registering for classes in a group setting. Your group will be determined by the metamajor you indicated on your registration form.  You will leave orientation with your first semester schedule “in hand”.

In order to adhere to FERPA Law, parents are not allowed to participate in the Advising session. While you meet with your Academic Advisor, you’ll be enrolling in your courses! We have Orientation Leaders on hand to support you with questions regarding navigating the PAWS course registration system, though we ask that you direct questions regarding specific courses to your Academic Advisor.

Parking Details
We ask that you park in visitor parking or lot 4 off of University Dr. (1500 N. University Dr.). The Commons Building, directly across from parking lot 4 is the main entrance. A parking permit is not required. Campus is open until 9pm; however, many of the offices close between1:00pm and 4:00pm.


From the east on I-94

  1. Take I-94 to Exit 293 (Hwy T)
  2. Turn south off exit ramp and continue approximately 1 mile on Grandview Blvd.
  3. Turn right on Northview Road (west)
  4. Turn left (south) on University Drive
  5. Follow University Drive to Campus

From the west on I-94

  1. Take I-94 to Exit 291 (Hwy G)
  2. Turn south off exit ramp and continue on Meadowbrook Road to Northview Road
  3. Turn left on Northview Road (east)
  4. Turn right (south) on University Drive
  5. Follow University Drive to the Campus

From the north on US 41/45

  1. Where US 41/45 splits, take US 45 south to I-94
  2. Take I-94 West to Exit 293 (Hwy T)
  3. Turn south off exit ramp and continue approximately 1 mile on Grandview Blvd.
  4. Turn right on Northview Road (west)
  5. Turn left (south) on University Drive
  6. Follow University Drive to Campus

From the north on I-43

  1. Take I-43 to I-94 West
  2. Take I-94 West to Exit 293 (Hwy T)
  3. Turn south off exit ramp and continue approximately 1 mile on Grandview Blvd.
  4. Turn right on Northview Road (west)
  5. Turn left (south) on University Drive
  6. Follow University Drive to Campus

From the southwest on Highways 59, 83 and 18

  1. Take Highway 59 to Highway 83
  2. Travel north on Highway 83 to Highway 18
  3. Follow Highway 18 east to the Waukesha City Limits
  4. Turn left (north) on University Drive
  5. Follow University Drive to Campus

From the south on Highway 164 or I-43

  1. Take Highway 164 north to Highway 59 Turn left (west) on Highway 59 at stoplight
  2. Turn right on County Trunk X which becomes St. Paul Avenue
  3. Turn left on Moreland Boulevard
  4. At the second stoplight (Summit Avenue) turn left (west)
  5. Turn right (north) on University Drive to Campus


After attending Orientation:

  • Students will be able to make informed choices regarding academic, personal and social issues.
  • Students will take personal responsibility for their own success.
  • Students will feel welcomed, comfortable, engaged and excited to be a member of the UWM community.
  • Students will grow in their understanding and respect of others in a diverse community.

We also expect that you have fun, come willing to learn and meet new people, and adhere to all university policies during the program.

5: Stay Connected After Orientation

Access to All Student and Family Orientation Presentations – Coming Soon!

Review all of your Orientation materials from your folder and the Student Handbook link provided
Review the PRIDE Message to set yourself up for success
Begin your On Campus Job search
Check out Campus Life and Events
Get excited for Winter Welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Orientation held in-person?

  • Yes. You are required to attend an in-person program. If you have concerns about this, please reach out to our office and we will work with you to provide accommodations to suit your needs.

What are the Fees I’m paying? 

  • The $150 Orientation Fee you will see on your account is not due until the first day of classes. The Orientation Fee is not refundable if you participate in Orientation. This pays for all the costs related to your Orientation experience.
  • You will also see a $100 New Freshman Fee which is also not due until the first day of classes. This Fee covers many costs related to the first-year programming that will be available to you this year! If you cancel enrollment prior to the start of the term, you will not owe this Fee.

Having trouble with technology? 

How can I speak with Financial Aid regarding the costs of college, loans, scholarships, and more?

What do I need to do before I participate in Orientation?  

  • Take a photo of yourself for your student ID and submit it through “Get UWM,” PantherCard’s online management system. Go to the PantherCard Office website for detailed instructions and requirements for your photo. Be sure to upload your photo at least 48 hours prior to your Orientation date. 
  • Complete the University Credit Agreement (paws.uwm.edu) In the Finances section click “Credit Agreement”). This must be completed to enroll in classes for the upcoming semester.  
  • Pay outstanding balances on your PAWS account (in the Finances section). If you have overdue charges and a Bursar’s Hold is placed on your account, this may impact your ability to register for classes. 
  • Review the schedule of classes online: uwm.edu/schedule. 
  • Read the PAWS Financial Aid tutorial to learn how to accept your aid and prepare to speak with a Financial Aid advisor. 
  • Complete any outstanding Financial Aid items (found on your PAWS to do list, accept wards, etc.). 

Can family and guests attend NSO with me? 

  • Family Orientation provides a great opportunity for family members and guests to learn about how to support their student’s academic success at UWM.  
  • Families and guests (limit 2) are welcome to attend but are not required 
  • If family or guests attend Orientation with you, there will be portions of the day where you are separated.  Some conference sessions and course enrollment are exclusively for students.  
  • Students add guest(s) to their registration when selecting their Orientation date. Registrations can be updated after submission.  

What should I bring with me to NSO?  

  • ePanther ID and password (you will need this to enroll in classes) 
  • Comfortable walking shoes 
  • Jacket 
  • Umbrella (as needed) 

Will meals be provided for me? 

  • No — we are not serving food at Orientation for Spring 2022

When will I get my placement tests results and be able to sign up for classes? 

  • Advisors will be meeting with students to help select the appropriate courses to take. All students will leave the program with a course schedule! 

I’m considering waiting to start at UWM until the next Fall. How do I do that, and should I do it?

  • It’s your choice to start classes in the Fall or Spring. If you’ve been admitted for Spring and want to start classes in Fall, you must submit a Term Change Request here.
  • If you Term Change and have paid your $150 Orientation Fee, you will NOT get a refund. Your first Orientation Fee charge will be canceled and you’ll get a new Orientation Fee charge for the correct term. The payment you already submitted will then automatically cover the new Orientation Fee charge.
  • There are many implications to changing terms. To get more information about Term Changes and ask questions, email undergraduateadmissions@uwm.edu.

The Orientation Requirement

Orientation is an exciting opportunity for you to get familiar with your new community. We’ll show you all the ways you can be a part of the UWM community, find a group of friends, and get help during your time at UWM. Our talented team of Orientation Leaders will guide you through the program and share their stories about their experience on campus. Orientation will help you: 

• Be able to make informed choices regarding academic, personal and social issues.
• Take personal responsibility for your own success.
• Feel welcomed, comfortable, engaged and excited to be a member of the UWM at Waukesha community.
• Grow in your understanding and respect of others in a diverse community.

We also expect that you have fun, come willing to learn and meet new people and adhere to all university policies during the program. Orientation is required program because navigating the college transition can be challenging. We want you to have access to all the tools, knowledge, and support that you can to make your transition to UWM as seamless as possible. We’re committed to your success and can’t wait to welcome you to your new community!