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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

UWM Welcome Center
2100 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Milwaukee WI, 53211


Monday8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST
Tuesday8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST
Wednesday8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST
Thursday8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST
Friday8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST
Saturday9 a.m. – 3 p.m. CST with limited staff

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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone Location
Conroy, Christina
Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissionscconroy@uwm.edun/aVogel Hall
Daly, Colin
Director, Welcome Programs, Undergraduate Admissionsdaly@uwm.edu414-229-3309Mellencamp Hall 123
Dixon, Mike
New Student Programs Manager, Undergraduate Admissionsdixonmw@uwm.edu414-229-4887Mellencamp Hall 118A
Dock, Lucas
CRM Administrator, Undergraduate Admissionsdock@uwm.edu414-229-7002Vogel Hall 125
Dowty, Carolyn
Univ Services Assoc 1, Undergraduate Admissionscrdowty@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall
Elsner-Miller, Jennifer
Data and Report Writer, Undergraduate Admissionsjelsnerm@uwm.edu414-229-3159Mellencamp Hall 211
Fay, Patrick
Director of Admissions, Undergraduate Admissionsfayp@uwm.edun/aVogel Hall
Federlin, Barbara
Stu Status Exam Senio, Undergraduate Admissionsfederbh@uwm.edu414-229-5109Mellencamp Hall 217
Gardner, Anthony
Mailroom Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissionsgardnear@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall 212
Gleue-Rogers, Rose
Stu Status Exam Senio, Undergraduate Admissionsgleuerog@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall
Gostas, Rose
Branch Campus Visit & Recruitment Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissionscrgostas@uwm.edun/aWAK Commons C118
Greve, Carla
Univ Services Assoc 2, Undergraduate Admissionscjgreve@uwm.edun/aVogel Hall
Hanson, Jacob
Marketing Specialist, Undergraduate Admissionshanson53@uwm.edun/aVogel Hall
Harwell, Erica
Transfer & Adult Admissions Manager, Undergraduate Admissionseharwell@uwm.edun/aVogel Hall 125
Howe, Kelsey
Univ Svc Prg Assoc, Undergraduate Admissionshowek@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall 212
Keyes, Amanda
Stu Status Exam Senio, Undergraduate Admissionsahkeyes@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall
Knecht, Elaina
Univ Services Assoc 2, Undergraduate Admissionsegknecht@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall 212
Konitzer, Riley
Stu Status Exam Assoc, Undergraduate Admissionskonitze5@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall 212
Kougl, MacKenzie
Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissionsmlkougl@uwm.edun/aVogel Hall
Kusick, Deborah
Univ Svc Prg Assoc, Undergraduate Admissionskusick@uwm.edu262-521-5445Mellencamp Hall
Latona, Tawney
Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissionstawney@uwm.edu414-229-4624Vogel Hall 275C
Lozano, Andrea
Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissionsadlozano@uwm.edun/a
Maitland, Ashley
Student Services Cord, Undergraduate Admissionsmaitlana@uwm.edu414-251-5879Mellencamp Hall 212
Mason, Ryan
Daily Tours Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissionsrgmason@uwm.edu414-229-6752Lubar Entrepreneurship Center & Welcome 108A
Sanabria, Mariana
Assistant Director, Recruitment, Undergraduate Admissionssanabrim@uwm.edu414-229-3854
Scribano, Jillian
Univ Services Assoc 1, Undergraduate Admissionsscribano@uwm.edun/aCambridge Commons
Sebastian, Emily
Stu Status Exam Senio, Undergraduate Admissionssebastia@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall 212
Skerhutt, McKenna
Admin Specialist, Undergraduate Admissionsskerhutt@uwm.edun/a
Stencel, Jeffrey
Admin Supp Asst, Undergraduate Admissionsjstencel@uwm.edu414-229-3934Mellencamp Hall 222
Stern, Rachel
Student Services Advisor, L&S COLLEGE RELATIONSrastern@uwm.edun/aVogel Hall
Thate, Lauren
Student Services Cord, Undergraduate Admissionsjohns674@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall 212
Vang, Natalie
Orientation Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissionsnlvang@uwm.edu414-229-7213Mellencamp Hall 118B
Villarreal, Sara
Stu Status Exam Assoc, Undergraduate Admissionsvillar32@uwm.edun/aMellencamp Hall
Vue, Junior
Admissions Advisor, Undergraduate Admissionsjdvue@uwm.edun/a
Washington-White, Allicia
Visit Programs Manager, Undergraduate Admissionsallicia@uwm.edun/aLubar Entrepreneurship Center & Welcome
Wilks, Anna
Visit Programs Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissionswilks@uwm.edu414-251-7874Lubar Entrepreneurship Center & Welcome
Yasaitis, Stanley
Mailroom Coordinator, Undergraduate Admissionsyasaitis@uwm.edu414-229-2940Mellencamp Hall B3
Zarling, Ashleigh
Assistant Director of Admissions, Undergraduate Admissionsacgivens@uwm.edu414-229-2383Mellencamp Hall 212