Gabriel Rei-Doval

Associate Professor-Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics
Spanish and Portuguese
 Curtin Hall 709


PhD, Galician Philology (Linguistics Program), University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), 2001
MPhil, Galician Linguistics, University of Santiago de Compostela, 1999
BA, Hispanic Philology (Minor in Spanish, Major in Galician and Portuguese), University of Santiago de Compostela, 1990

Research Interests

Hispanic Sociolinguistics, Historiography of Linguistics, Language Shift and Language Planning, Sociology of Language, Galician Linguistics

Teaching Areas

Hispanic and Portuguese Sociolinguistics, Historical Linguistics, Social History of Spanish and Portuguese, Hispanic Linguistics (Spanish Dialectology, Syntax, Pragmatics, Phonetics and Phonology), Spanish Grammar, Galician Culture

Courses Offered

Spanish 203 – Spanish Third Semester
Spanish 308 – Advanced Writing and Reading
Spanish 311 – Advanced Grammar and Composition
Spanish 315 – Spanish Immersion Experience (Spain, the New Melting Pot)
Spanish 318 – Advanced Speaking and Listening
Spanish 333 – Advanced Spanish Grammar
Spanish 341 – Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
Spanish 377 – Galician Culture
Spanish 391 – Spain, Contemporary Society and Cultural Diversity
Spanish 441 – History and Dialects of the Spanish Language
Spanish 443 – Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
Spanish 444 – Spanish Syntax and Morphology
Spanish 446 – Hispanic Sociolinguistics
Spanish 448 – Advanced Translation English-Spanish
Spanish 545/702 – History of Latin American Spanish
Spanish 545/703 – Sociolinguistics of Multilingual Spain
Spanish 545/705 – Spanish Pragmatics
Spanish 701 – Historical Linguistics
Spanish 702 – Spanish in the United States
Spanish 703 – Sociolinguistics of the Spanish-Speaking World
Portuguese 446 – The Portuguese-Speaking World: Sociolinguistic Perspectives

Other Activities

Galician Studies Initiative:
Petition to create both a Permanent Section and a Discussion Group on Galician Studies at the Modern Language Association. Petition was endorsed internationally by academics of Galician, Luso-Hispanic, and Modern Language Studies and approved by MLA in 2014.

Faculty Co-Leader, Spain: Galician Culture Through the Eyes of Santiago de Compostela, Study Abroad Program, Summer 2007
Faculty Co-Leader, Spain: Language, Culture and Business in Galicia, Study Abroad Program, Summer 2009, 2010
Faculty Co-Leader, Spain: Language, Culture and Health in Galicia, Study Abroad Program, Summer 2014
– List co-owner, González-Millán Group for Galician Studies
– Certified Translator of Galician Language
– Certified Tester in Portuguese (limited certification). American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL)
– Accredited as Profesor Titular by the Spanish National Agency for the Assessment of Academic Quality (ANECA)

Selected Publications

1. Publications viewable on »
2. Publications viewable on Research Gate
3. Current creative writing project: Viaxes sen Lee (online travel autofiction memoir).