Stephanie Baran article published

PhD student Stephanie Baran’s article PETA, Patriarchy and the Body was published on ASA’s Body and Embodiment blog. Baran writes: “Social justice organizations, one would think, would be the last place one might find racism, sexism and ableism to mention a few, but we would be remiss if we did not give some critical attention to these organizations – most notably PETA.”

A. Aneesh Interviewed

Associate Professor A. Aneesh is interviewed by CaMP Anthropology’s Ilana Gershon about his new book Neutral Accent.

NPR’s The Salt interviews Jennifer Jordan

NPR article “Why Are We Drawn To Heirloom Fruits And Veggies? They’re ‘Edible Memory’” features Professor Jennifer Jordan’s most recent research. Read the article on NPR’s The Salt.

Importance of Stories in Relation to Food

UWM Department of Sociology professor Jennifer Jordan contributes to the Journal Sentinel’s article, “Fresh: A bushelful of information on heirloom tomatoes.”
Read the article here.

Campos-Castillo quoted in Washington Post

Assistant Professor Celeste Campos-Castillo is quoted in a health and science article, “So, be honest. Have you lied to your doctor?” Campos-Castillo was asked to comment on the curious discovery that 13% of patients admit to withholding personal information from doctors who use a computerized-record system/electronic health records. Washington Post article

Chesley’s Research on Stay-at-Home Fathers

In a recent article on the Huffington Post, Emily Peck writes about Associate Professor Noel Chesley’s research on stay-at-home fathers. The article is entitled “Only 6 American men were identified as stay-at-home dads in the 1970s. Today, It’s a different story”

Jennifer Jordan Talks About Food

Dr. Jennifer Jordan was interviewed on WUWM and TMJ4 Morning Blend. She talks about her research and her new book, “Edible Memory.” WUWM Interview: Sociologist Explores How Food and Culture Shape Each Other, and TMJ4 Morning Blend Interview: Edible Memory

A. Aneesh’s New Book on Scribd

Neutral Accent by Aneesh

The UWM Department of Sociology Associate Professor A. Aneesh’s new book Neutral Accent. The introduction (Acknowledgments and Prologue) to Neutral Accent appears on Scribd at”. The book was published by Duke University Press this year and will be available… Read More

2014-15 Undergraduate Awards Ceremony

The 2014-15 Awards Ceremony will take place on April 9, 2015. Awards include: The Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar Award, The Joan W. Moore Undergraduate Service Scholars Award, and New Alpha Kappa Delta Inductees

Jordan publishes Edible Memory

Associate Professor Jennifer A. Jordan publishes a new book, “Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Food.” In Edible Memory, Jordan examines the ways that people around the world have sought to identify and preserve old-fashioned varieties… Read More