Sociology Faculty Research Interests and Areas of Specialization

A. Aneesh, Professor of Sociology
Science, Technology, and Communication; Social Theory; Labor and Migration; Nationalism and Citizenship; Ethnography

Marcus Britton, Associate Professor of Sociology
Urban Sociology; Racial Segregation & Integration; Racial & Place-based Inequality

Celeste Campos-Castillo, Associate Professor of Sociology
Communication and Information Technologies; Medical Sociology; Social Psychology; Experimental Methods; Work and Occupations

Esther Chan, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; Religion; Science and Medicine; Gender and Sexuality; Mixed Methods

Noelle Chesley, Associate Professor of Sociology
Social Implications of Data and Technology; Gender; Work and Family; Health and Well-Being

Cary Costello, Associate Professor of Sociology
Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality; Sociology of the Body; Social Problems; Science/Medicine/Technology; Sociology of the Professions

Gordon Gauchat, Associate Professor of Sociology
Social Inequality; Environmental Sociology; Political Economy; Science, Culture-Cognition and Quantitative Methods

Jennifer Jordan, Professor of Sociology
Urban Sociology; Sociology of Culture; Theory; Europe/Germany; Sociology of Food; Beer and Brewing

Timothy L. O’Brien, Associate Professor of Sociology
Sociology of Law; Sociology of Science/Knowledge; Political Sociology; Sociology of Religion

Kent Redding, Associate Professor of Sociology
Political Sociology; Comparative/Historical; Social Movements; Race and Ethnic Conflict

Aki Roberts, Associate Professor of Sociology
Criminology, Crime Justice Outcome, Motor Vehicle Theft, Japanese Crime, National Incident Based Reporting Systems (NIBRS)

John Roberts, Professor of Sociology
Social Networks; Quantitative Methods; Mathematical Sociology; Criminology