Noelle Chesley

  • Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Department Chair, Sociology
  • Faculty Affiliate, Women and Gender Studies


  • PhD, Cornell University
  • MPA, Syracuse University
  • BS, University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Rufus King High School, Milwaukee, WI

Office Hours

  • Available by appointment in-person or by phone/video conference

Courses Taught

  • SOCIOL 202: Professional Development for Social Science Majors 
  • SOCIOL 260: Blood, Sex, Money Power: The Family and Intimate Relationships
  • SOCIOL 327: Data, Technology & Society
  • SOCIOL 361: Research Methods in Sociology
  • SOCIOL 760: Advanced Statistical Methods in Sociology
  • SOCIOL 925: Sex and Gender
  • SOCIOL 928: Seminar in Social Organization: Data and Society

Teaching Interests

Dr. Chesley (She/Her) teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate (MA & PhD) levels using both online and in-person instructional methods. She is passionate about providing a rich learning environment for her students and strives to exite them about the possibilities for learning and growth studying sociological topics can foster. She also aims to demonstrate the value of applying sociological thinking to address real-world problems. 

Prior to working as a professor, Dr. Chesley worked in a consulting firm where she applied social research methods every day to inform strategic decision-making.  

Research Interests

Dr. Chesley is a social scientist who is passionate about identifying and solving complex problems at the intersection of data, technology, gender, health, and inequality. 

She is a mixed-methods scholar who collects and analyzes survey data and qualitative interview data to address research questions. 

One of her current areas of research focus engages questions about the role of technology, innovation, and automation on work organizations and workers themselves, with a particular focus on the role of automation in hiring and the experiences of contemporary job seekers.

She also conducts research focused on improving the professional development of college students. 

Related Activities

As the current chair of the sociology department, Dr. Chesley creatively and compassionately leads a team of faculty experts who conduct cutting-edge research and provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate education. 

Dr. Chesley was selected for UWM's 2023-24 Experiential Learning Teaching Fellowship program. The goal of the program is to impact the career readiness of undergraduate students by fostering greater instructor expertise and practices that can be applied to support the professional development of our students. Experiential Learning Fellows come together to share ideas and to cultivate practices that support infusing professional development into the UWM curriculum. 

Public Outreach and Media Interviews

Keynote speaker at Homedadcon 2023. Expanding Care: The Benefits to Families (and Society) of Men in Caring Roles, September 2023, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Noelle Chesley on Wisconsin Public Radio discussing the challenges and opportunities faced by today's at-home fathers.

Featured speaker at Wisconsin Workforce Development Conference, 2022. The Great Rejection? Automated Hiring Systems and Worker Shortages, April 2022, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. 

Noelle Chesley on how automated hiring systems could be contributing to the worker shortage, National Public Radio, August 2022.

Noelle Chesley on how automated hiring systems are making the worker shortage worse, High Volume Hiring Podcast, August 2022.


Biographical Sketch

Noelle Chesley was raised on Milwaukee's north side and attended Milwaukee Public School's Rufus King High School. She believes strongly in the power of public education to positively impact individuals and communities and takes pride in working for an R1 university with an open-access mission.

Selected Publications

Chesley, Noelle A., Meier, Helen, Luo, Jake, Apchemengich, Immaculate, and Davies, W. Hobart. “Social factors shaing the adoption of lead-filering point-of-use systems: an observational study of an MTurk sample” Journal of Water and Health (2020).
Chesley, Noelle A., and Johnson, Britta. “Technology Use and the New Economy: Work Extension, Network Connectivity, and Employee Distress and Productivity” Research in the Sociology of Work 26. (2015): 61-99.
Chesley, Noelle A., Slibak, Andra, and Wajcman, Judy. “Information and Communication Technology Use and Work-Life Integration” Handbook of work-life integration of professionals: Challenges and opportunities Ed. Major, Debra, and Burke, Ronald. Elgar Publications. (2013): 245-266.
Fonk, James, Davidoff, Donna, Lutzow, Thomas, Chesley, Noelle A., and Mathiowetz , Nancy. “The Effect of Advance Directives on End-of-Life Cost Experience” Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 23.3 (2012): 1137-56.
Chesley, Noelle A. “Blurring Boundaries? Linking Technology Use, Spillover, Individual Distress, and Family Satisfaction” Journal of Marriage and Family 67. (2005): 1237-1248.