Marcus Britton

  • Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Affiliated Professor, Urban Studies


Ph.D., Sociology, Northwestern University

Office Hours

Wednesdays 1:00pm-2:00pm and by appointment

Teaching Schedule

Course Num Title Meets
SOCIOL 330-201 Economy and Society No Meeting Pattern

Courses Taught

  • SOCIOL 324: Race and Ethnicity in Global Contexts
  • SOCIOL 330: Economy and Society
  • SOCIOL 361: Research Methods in Sociology
  • SOCIOL 901: Urban Social Structure
  • SOCIOL 982: Advanced Quantitative Analysis

Research Interests

  • Urban Sociology
  • Racial Segregation & Integration
  • Racial & Place-based Inequality

Selected Publications

Shin, H. , Aliaga-Linares, L. , & Britton, M. L. (2017) Misconceived equity? Health care resources, contextual poverty, and child health disparities in Peru. Social Science Research , 66, 234-247.
Goldsmith, P. R., Britton, M. L., Reese, B. , & Velez, W. (2017) Will Moving to a Better Neighborhood Help? Teenage Residential Mobility, Change of Context and Young-Adult Educational Attainment. Urban Affairs Review , 53(2), 305–337.
Britton, M. L. (2014) Latino Spatial and Structural Assimilation: Close Intergroup Friendships among Houston-Area Latinos. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies , 40(8), 1192-1216.
Britton, M. L., & Shin, H. (2013) Metropolitan Residential Segregation and Very Preterm Birth Among African American and Mexican-Origin Women. Social Science & Medicine , 98, 37-45.
Britton, M. L. (2013) Race/Ethnicity, Attitudes and Living with Parents during Young Adulthood. Journal of Marriage and Family , 75, 995-1013.
Britton, M. L., & Goldsmith, P. R. (2013) Keeping People in Their Place? Young-Adult Mobility and the Persistence of Residential Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas. Urban Studies , 50(14), 2886-2903.
Britton, M. L. (2012) Review of Urban America Reconsidered: Alternatives for Governance and Policy by David Imbroscio. City & Community , 11(2), 224, 225. Wiley Blackwell.
Britton, M. L. (2011) Close Together but Worlds Apart? Residential Integration and Interethnic Friendship in Houston. Silver, H. (Ed). City & Community, Wiley , 10(2), 182-204.
Britton, M. L. (2008) "My Regular Spot": Race and Territory in Urban Public Space. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography , 37(4), 442-468.
Britton, M. L. (2007) Urbanization and Spatial Organization: Hospital and Orphanage Location in Chicago, 1848-1916. Social Forces , 85, 1303-1317.