Nevada Hessler Receives 2023 UWM Teaching Fellow Award

Nevada Hessler, UWM Sociology Dissertator and Graduate Instructor,  has been selected as one of 10 campus-wide recipients of the 2023 UWM Teaching Fellow Award. Among an outstanding group of candidates, Navada Hessler stood out for their exceptional dedication to student success and teaching …

Sociology PhD student Vijaya Tamla Rai publishes his first article

PhD student Vijaya Tamla Rai, published his first article in a peer-reviewed journal. Co-authored with Dan Tregalia at Penn and Thomas Byrne at Boston U, the article is entitled “Quantifying the Impact of Evictions and Eviction Filings on Homelessness Rates …

Hard Work Is a Mother—A Mother’s Day Salute

Sociology Professor Noelle Chesley was recently quoted in an article about mothers with husbands at home versus single moms:
“When the at-home parent is the mother, there’s a clear expectation that she’ll be in charge of the family’s domestic life,” said study coauthor Noelle Chesley of University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. “That’s not necessarily the case when the at-home parent is the father.”